A veritable death trap

first_imgDear Editor,Kindly allow me, through the columns of your newspaper, to draw the attention of the concerned authorities to the horrendous condition of the La Parfaite Harmonie access highway on the West Bank of Demerara. This three-kilometre road was constructed at a cost of over $600 million in 2014, and started to deteriorate rapidly within a few months of being commissioned. Thereafter, frequent and inadequate repairs to a seemingly unending plethora of potholes have been effected every few weeks, with new potholes appearing within days of the old ones being remedied. This has continued in a wearisome loop for the last four years.Regrettably, the situation that obtains now is one in which this so-called ‘highway’ has no adequate drainage, no lights, a noticeable bend with no indicating signs, speed bumps, no reflectors, and gaping holes, one of which has spread across the entire width of the road. This combination undoubtedly makes this stretch of road a veritable death trap, especially at night.Are we prepared to wait until innocent lives are lost before something is done? Is this acceptable value for the expenditure of our precious tax dollars? We deserve and demand better. To this end, I hope that the Ministry of Public Infrastructure would initiate expeditious steps to ensure that there is an immediate structural assessment of the integrity of the road in this area. This is a travesty!Yours sincerely,Edson GrenvilleCommunity activistlast_img read more

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