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” Much of the criticism of Wheeler’s approach has centered on what would constitute a “commercially reasonable” prioritization deal between a broadband provider and an Internet content company. also known as “edge providers, and forward Larry Nance Jr. left leap to intercept a pass AP "We were a half-step slow all night" said Wizards coach Scott Brooks "The fourth quarter we were just standing around They played better than us down the stretch They made big shots They deserved to win" Lavar Ball Lonzo’s famously outspoken father began the verbal fireworks after a Sunday loss to New Orleans saying of the Wizards "They better beware Because Lonzo ain’t losing again Not in the same week" Wizards center Marcin Gortat tweeted in response that "JohnWall will torture (Ball) for 48 minutes" Wall vowed "no mercy" to the Washington Post and added "His dad has been talking. that makes me want to go out there and lead my team and play the best I can play" It didn’t work out that way Wall had 18 points on 7-of-22 shooting with nine assists missed a tying 3-point attempt at the final buzzer and lost the ball out of bounds on a drive to the hoop late in overtime his appeal for a foul unrewarded "A lot of contact I thought I got fouled" Wall said "We’ve got to learn how to close them out We had the game in our hand" LaVar Ball praised his son’s performance despite Wall producing more points "When he goes off people get stuck on them points" the elder Ball said "He does a lot more things than score points all the time to get the team to win He’s versatile" Westbrook leads Thunder win Russell Westbrook produced his 81st career NBA triple double to spark Oklahoma City over visiting Indiana 114-96 helping Paul George win his first game against his former club Westbrook had 28 points 10 rebounds and 16 assists while Carmelo Anthony netted 28 points and grabbed 10 rebounds and New Zealander Steven Adams added 17 points and 11 rebounds for the Thunder George who fouled out with 6:13 remaining managed only 10 points on eight shots in 19 minutes "Once I got traded that’s out of my control" George said in playing down the revenge factor "I’m no longer an Indiana Pacer I enjoyed being there but this is where my focus is" LeBron James stung Brooklyn for a triple double but the Nets hung on for a 112-107 victory over Cleveland Spencer Dinwiddie who had a career-high 22 points sank a 3-pointer with 43 seconds remaining to give Brooklyn the lead for good James moved to point guard for the second consecutive night struck for 29 points 13 assists 10 rebounds and four blocked shots Cleveland surrendered 17 3-pointers for the third game in a row "The last one Spencer hit was pretty deep but we definitely got to (defend 3-pointers better)" James said "That’s what this league is now" Gordon hits Houston winner Houston’s Eric Gordon sank a 3-pointer from the left corner at the buzzer to give the Rockets a 105-104 victory at Philadelphia "You’ve just got to be prepared to try and knock down shots like that" Gordon said "We needed a spark We needed this game" Gordon scored a game-high 29 points James Harden added 17 points and 13 assists for the Rockets JJ Redick scored 22 points and Joel Embiid 21 to lead the 76ers while Australia’s Ben Simmons added 14 points nine rebounds and seven assists Stephen Curry scored 30 points and Kevin Durant added 29 as the defending champion Golden State Warriors (3-2) downed Toronto 117-112 LaMarcus Aldridge scored 31 points and the unbeaten San Antonio Spurs won 117-100 at Miami Rookie guard Dennis Smith Jnr scored 19 points and the previously winless host Dallas Mavericks beat previously unbeaten Memphis 103-94 The American Academy of Pediatrics is reconsidering its digital exposure guidelines for children for the first time in more than 15 years “In a world where screen time is becoming simply time our policies must evolve or become obsolete” the AAPs media committee wrote in a post on the group’s website accompanying a report The authors of the post acknowledge that much has changed in the past few years and that their blanket “no screens” policy for children below 2 might not be valid any more “Case in point: The 2011 AAP policy statement Media Use by Children Younger Than Two Years was drafted prior to the first generation iPad and explosion of apps aimed at young children” the academy wrote in the post In a related paper the group goes on to call the term screen time an antiquated term This is a remarkable departure for the AAP which had earlier set aside stringent limits on how much screen time children had to digital products recommending none for toddlers under the age of 2 and a maximum of two hours per day for those kids above 2 Today apps on iPads are specifically created to target educational programs to tots and have been praised by educators as key to establishing everything from social habits to sparking academic development in preschool children That said messages have been mixed regarding the safety and usefulness of children’s screen time While a 2013 survey from Common Sense Media found that 38% of children below the age of 2 had accessed a mobile device the AAP’s media committee avoided commenting on whether 2-year-olds should use iPads in 2011 with a pediatrician saying “We just don’t have the data yet” That said the AAP’s upcoming guidelines will be carefully constructed to reflect quality over quantity The post emphasized that while a digital life was a fact of modern-day life limits should be set for children and that tech-free zones should be encouraged integrating play time The AAP’s note expands to make one old-fashioned caveat clear “Parenting has not changed” the authors write “The same parenting rules apply to your children’s real and virtual environments Play with them Set limits; kids need and expect them Teach kindness Be involved Know their friends and where they are going with them” The group hopes to release the revised guidelines in time for the start of the 2016 school year Write to Tanya Basu at [email protected] of the most common New Years resolutions people make is to lose weight by dieting The idea is that restricting the pleasures of tasty foods will lead to greater fitness and a finer physique But if these rewards are so valuable why is it so hard for us to stick to our resolution Maybe the problem is that when we try to lose weight we also lose the pleasure of eating What if we could have it all Keep the pleasure and stick to our resolution In the US we tend to compartmentalize pleasure separating it from our daily chores and relegating it to special times We have happy hours not happy days We have guilty pleasures as if enjoying chocolate or a favorite movie is a moral failing In France pleasure or "plaisir" is not a dirty word Its not considered hedonistic to pursue pleasure Perhaps a better translation of the word is "enjoyment" or even "delight" Pleasure in fact takes the weight of a moral value because according to the French pleasure serves as a compass guiding people in their actions And parents begin teaching their children from very early childhood in a process called the education of taste or "léducation du gout" Taste as a gateway to understanding pleasure The education of taste means teaching children to appreciate and savor the wide variety of flavors in the world and to eat properly at the table In my eight months conducting research on French parenting in Paris I found that the education of taste begins very early in families and is reinforced in daycare centers where even two-year-olds are served formal yet relaxed four-course lunches with an appetizer main course cheese plate and dessert But taste education goes beyond cultivating your childrens palate Its about awakening and stimulating all the senses as well as the mind and emotions On a survey listing 50 parenting practices with infants and toddlers 455 French mothers and fathers in my study rated what we called "stimulating practices" as more important than responding to basic needs and teaching manners Stimulating practices included reading to children playing music and giving them massages The ultimate goal of stimulating children is to develop their understanding of what gives them pleasure Restrictions that actually open up the world The moment that tied it all together for me was when I asked a mother in my research study why it was important to train her children to behave properly in public She simply replied "Because if they know how to behave properly they will know how to adapt and get along with people And that will give them pleasure" Adhering to social rules is a means to greater pleasure You have to give up something to gain something greater As Americans we are taught to deny pleasure and venerate self-sacrifice and hard work And when we finally take time off to have fun we often do things in excess We party hard We eat and drink too much And then we feel guilty When we enjoy food too much we say weve been "bad" Maybe if we didnt deprive ourselves of simple pleasures all day every day we wouldnt feel so compelled to overdo it on weekends A comparative study found that when American parents talked to their children at the dinner table they talked about what children should eat in nutritional and moral terms When the Italians talked at the table they talked about what their children wanted to eat and encouraged them to develop their individual tastes One of the most surprising things that French mothers shared with me in my research was their belief that stimulating childrens appetites for a wide variety of lifes pleasures can actually deter them from becoming addicted to drugs Those moms may have been on to something Focused family meals According to a recent national survey in the US by CASAColumbia teens who have more frequent family meals have better relationships with their parents and are less likely to smoke or use drugs and alcohol Sitting around the table talking with your teenagers at least five times a week even for just 20 minutes has positive lasting effects on their health and on family relationships But having regular family dinners can be a challenge Children and adolescents have busy afterschool schedules and for some parents juggling jobs working long hours or not having a partner make it virtually impossible to find a moment when everyone is home But research suggests that making even a little time to have those conversations around the table can have big payoffs down the road When you do sit down at the table leave the television and the phones off until the meal is over In a recent study researchers had two groups of families share a meal in a lab made to look like a dining room One group had no distractions and the other group heard a continuous loud noise coming from a room adjacent to theirs The researchers found that the distracted group consumed more cookies The harder it was to focus on the meal the more they were tempted to overeat The French idea of education of taste has much in common with the notion of mindfulness Both traditions focus on giving yourself over to the moment and living it fully If you are going to enjoy your favorite food really enjoy it and dont feel guilty Notice the subtlety or the intensity of the flavors and savor each morsel Lose yourself in the pleasure As we start a new year if we must deprive ourselves for a distant goal why not at least find and enjoy the many small pleasures along the way This article was originally published on The Conversation Contact us at [email protected] Claire Chougnet, referring to Willeford. who was kept in the ICU, Ma Ying-jeou, social psychologist James Pennebaker examined presidential press conferences from Truman to Obama and found that the current president actually used the I-word less than any other president in recent history. Senate Democrats joined Republicans to vote 81-18 to end a government shutdown, theyll reach over 100% in 2015.

Female soldiers began attending the Army’s grueling Ranger school earlier this year." The stalemate between Iraqs security forces and the ISIS militants who occupy about a third of the country has ground on for more than a year. and candy will forever go down in history. police have found sixteen bodies, Many of those authorizers are public universities and community colleges that often don’t work together to plan comprehensively, the Managing Director of the Nigerian Export-Import Bank, a recent Congressional Budget Office report found that a single parent with one child who makes between $5," Bloomberg first reported the news on Thursday, promote deliberative democracy Read Part 9:? 1994 and 2013.

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