Makible selling innovative Android iPhone headset adapters

first_imgThe folks over at accessory-innovator Makible have created some very cool adapters to fund a Kickstarter-like service for concept devices. The two devices are actually pretty neat. The first is a a standard, but adorable, headphone adapter that can turn any set of headphones into a headset. The second device is an iPhone headsset adapter that will let you use any iPhone headset with your Android phone. Both are getting a very limited release with only 10,000 units apiece being sold, that is, if they get the necessary funding.According to Makible, the headset adapter (pictured above) will be the only one-stop solution for Android headset connectivity issues. It allows you to use any normal set of headphones with a 3.5mm plug with your phone. The adapter comes with a button for call management as well as music playback options. Makible says many people are using other solutions, like Nokia adapters, but that “this is quite messy.” There are wires everywhere and all the buttons on the remote do not do anything. Makible’s product has an integrated cord wrap to manage the unruly cords, also, a magnetic clip is used instead of the spring clip found on most products. They come with four swappable covers and will run you $20.The iPhone Handsfree Headset Adapter for Android will cost you just $10. The sister product to the Android headset adapter, it helps Android users take advantage of the array of handsfree headsets available for iPhone. Makible says Apple decided to use a different configuration in the headsets, so the best you can get out of them without an adapter is a faint, distorted sound. They say this product is “cool” because it has the Android Robot, it’s small, it features a replacement button to allow for music and call functions, and it lets you use some of the neat iPhone headsets from manufacturers who haven’t made a compatible set for Android.Read more at Makiblelast_img read more

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