14 year old regrets abortion

first_imgA 14 year old girl provoked widespread controversy last week by having an abortion, without the knowledge of her parents, only to change her mind when it was already too late. She had agreed to have the abortion after speaking to a school health worker. Maureen Smith, the girl’s mother, was distraught after discoverring the truth. She believes her daughter did not tell her that she was pregnant because “she was frightened and felt that she had let me down”. According to her, Melissa changed her mind after realizing the support she would receive from her family and had been “talked into having an abortion” despite “not believing in one”. Health workers are required by law to keep all patient information confidential, even if they are minors. Teachers are also not legally bound to reveal the details of pregnancies and are advised to seek the consent of pupils involved. Opinion is bitterly divided over whether policy should change to allow for the future support and reassurance to be taken into account when making a decision or if confidentiality is crucial in providing an avenue through which teenagers can seek help. Maureen believes the current policy is wholly contradictory considering her daughter “requires my consent to get her appendix removed”. The government’s policies of distributing the morning after pill in schools and allowing girls to have hormonal contraceptives lasting up to three years inserted in their arms has already come under fire. A recent report from the University of Nottingham report showed that such measures, far from stemming pregnancies had actually led to their increase.ARCHIVE: 3rd week TT 2004last_img