Readers Share Red Fox Photos From Ocean City

first_img__________Sign up for OCNJ Daily’s free newsletter“Like” us on Facebook Sightings of red foxes in Ocean City cause a stir in Ocean City each spring (read more: Fearless Red Foxes Getting Cozy With Life in Ocean City) and a photo of one on the boardwalk among the crowd waiting for fresh doughnuts at Brown’s Restaurant on Wednesday morning drew lots of interest (read more: Red Fox Joins Line for Brown’s Doughnuts in Ocean City).The stories linked above include information on the importance of not feeding the foxes and of keeping trash covered.Readers shared these images of foxes at different parts of the island. Here’s a sampling: [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”4″ gal_title=”Red Foxes in Ocean City 2015″]center_img __________If you have your own photos of red foxes in Ocean City, use the hashtag #OCNJRedFox to post them to social media or send a copy to OCNJ Daily at [email protected]__________ A sign at Brown’s asks customers not to feed the foxes. Credit: Noel WirthA sampling of Facebook posts:Alison Everson Malloy: There was one on 54th street and Asbury on Friday night — it was stalking a cat. We watched it go from West up to Central. A lady we met said there’s a den up at 54th and beach.Michelle Flack: Mike was jogging very early in the a.m. last week or the week before and he was alone on the boards — then he spotted the fox — as he got closer, the fox stared at him and Mike turned around and went the other way.Marc Bon: Saw one cruising 34th st. And Roosevelt Blvd near the pkwy.Bill Griffith: They are all over Somers Point. Had one in my yard the other night. Quite healthy.Fran Hummer: I saw this fox when bicycling on the boardwalk a few weeks ago.Beth Videtto-Viola: There was a whole family of foxes over by the high-rise condos Memorial Day Weekend and somebody was feeding them.Darlina McCormick: Jim and Gabe saw one yesterday at 52nd St beach. I guess he was checking out the new sand.last_img