National Life Group & Charitable Foundation donated over $500,000 in Vermont

first_imgA sampling of other community programs benefitting from National Life Group Charitable Foundation support include Everybody Wins! (a reading mentor program), Girls Move Mountains, Kellogg Hubbard Library, the Lund Family Center, Mobius (a mentoring program), and the Shelburne Museum. ‘National Life Group’s donation made all the difference in our campaign,’ says Judy Tarr, CEO of Central Vermont Medical Center. ‘The new facility helps support a full service cancer treatment center where eighty to eight-five percent of all cancer patients living in central Vermont can focus on healing.’ Over 6,000 radiation sessions were delivered in 2010.  ‘We take seriously our commitment to our communities. We do so by supporting a wide range of nonprofits that focus on providing homes, heat, health, education, the arts and human services,’ said Mehran Assadi, President and CEO. The $500,000 donated together from the National Life Group Charitable Foundation and National Life Group offered support to some 140 nonprofit organizations in 2010. A major contribution to Central Vermont Medical Center’s now named National Life Cancer Treatment Center completed a radiation center providing Central Vermont residents with new access to local radiation therapy instead of driving to Burlington or Hanover. National Life Group,The National Life Group Charitable Foundation is deeply woven into the fabric of the Central Vermont community where the state’s oldest and largest LEED certified building resides. The National Life Building houses National Life Group and its corporate giving non-profit organization, the National Life Group Charitable Foundation. In 2010, the two collectively provided financial, infrastructural, and community enhancement support totaling over $500,000. The Vermont Historical Society’s capital campaign was completed with support from the National Life Group Charitable Foundation resulting in saving the Historical Society’s signature bell tower and adding three Vermont heritage galleries for rotating public exhibits. National Life employees across all campuses donated over $30,000 in the company’s first ever Community Giving Campaign, which allowed employees to give to their favorite charity using payroll deduction. Employees also took advantage of the company’s generous 40 hour per week volunteer policy by clocking more than 1,500 hours helping local charitable groups.About the National Life Group Charitable Foundation The goal of the National Life Group Charitable Foundation is to give back to the community by supporting organizations and initiatives that make a positive difference. The Foundation was created in 2006 and benefits an estimated 100 organizations each fiscal year.  More info at is external).last_img