Istrian winemakers again this year at one of the most exclusive wine fairs in Europe

first_imgFrom 10 to 12 November 2018, Istrian winemakers will once again present their offer at one of the most exclusive wine fairs in Europe – Merano Wine FestivalThis is the result of close cooperation between the Tourist Board of the Istrian County and the Gourmet’s International agency from Merano, ie its owner Helmuth Köcher, and Istrian winemakers. It will be the 27th edition of the Festival, which will be attended by over 500 wine houses, among the best in Italy and the world, 200 taste artists, 15 famous chefs, that is, it is about presenting the best that the country has to offer.The positioning of Istrian quality wines has been constant for many years  qualitative increase. This is best evidenced by the data on eminent world awards won by Istrian wines, especially extra virgin olive oils, as well as the number of individual visitors whose primary interest is Istrian gastronomy, and who visit the best addresses in Istria.In addition, when we talk about the success of the Istrian gourmet scene, the unavoidable topic is certainly the numerous recognitions and awards that the Istrian destination wins every year either as the best region of extra virgin olive oil or, when it comes to wine, as the top 10 best wine destinations in the world. “The greatest credit for our status goes to our esteemed winemakers who have high quality products, and the inevitable contribution is given by large reports that are often published in specialized international magazines and magazines after numerous journalists, experts, influencers and opinion makers visit the region with the support of the Istrian Tourist Board. counties. ” stand out from the Tourist Board of Istria.The Merano Wine Festival is – among the first in Europe – an event that, since its inception in 1992, has promoted and focused exclusively on selected product quality. It is not only an event held in an elegant and elite environment, but it has become an expert forum designed to enable the exchange of ideas and experiences among producers, opinion leaders, influencers, experts and consumers. Over the years, it has become a reference point for enogastronomic excellence, so the visibility and worldwide reputation of the Festival are unique.Also, the Merano Wine Festival It is especially important because it does not gather a mass audience that wants to spend the day tasting wines out of curiosity or just enough to spend it in a slightly different way, but because it is a well-organized event with a lot of professional buyers, importers, hoteliers and caterers. . ” This is an extremely important market for visitors who come from the German-speaking area and part of the Italian area, and who are, as is well known, the best guests-consumers in Istria. That is why the united and well-organized performance of gourmet offer holders, professional experts, was a logical choice. Being at such an important event is of special importance for Istria, so these are the reasons why the Istria County Tourist Board decided to appear at such an international showcase. investing in the image and gaining even greater visibility of a recognized wine and gourmet destination, and thus strengthening the Istrian brand. ” conclude from the Tourist Board of Istria.last_img