Do renters have to pay the first installment of a flat income tax?

first_imgWe already know that the decision on the amount of the flat income tax is made by the representative body of the local self-government unit. We know that the prescribed range of this tax is from 150,00 to 1.500,00 kn per bed or accommodation unit in the camp. FOR RENTERS OF APARTMENTS, ROOMS AND BEDS FOR TRAVELERS AND TOURISTS AND ORGANIZERS OF CAMPSITES AND / OR CAMP RESORTS AND ACCOMMODATION UNITS IN ROBINSON ACCOMMODATION FACILITIES The decision will depend on whether it will be possible to do business at least part of the tourist season or not. Follow the information. My recommendation is to does not pay.  In accordance with the development of the situation, in addition to the implementation of the previous measures of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, new measures will also be adopted. One of them could be, in cooperation with local self-government units, making a decision on partial or complete exemption from the obligation to pay a flat income tax for “renters”. We also know that this tax is added to the surtax on income tax in those local self-government units where such surtax exists. The annual flat tax is paid in installments, quarterly, and the tax decision is issued from 1.1. current year for the same year. As soon as accommodation is canceled during the year, a new solution is issued for quarters in which the solution was still in force. In the same package of measures, the Government of the Republic of Croatia also made a decision to suspend ENFORCEMENT in the next 3 + 3 months. This measure prevents the possible activation of the enforcement mechanism for unpaid installments of fiscal liabilities. So you don’t need to fear the consequences if you don’t pay this flat-rate income tax installment.center_img KEY QUESTION / Do I have to pay the first installment of the flat-rate income tax, which, according to the decision of the Tax Administration, is due on March 31? FURTHER MEASURES Croatia is in extraordinary circumstances, as is the whole world due to the pavid pandemic of covid 19. For this reason, the Government of the Republic of Croatia has already adopted a number of measures to save jobs and ensure liquidity in the real sector. One of these measures relates to the deferral of income tax and profit tax. Given that the decision-making mechanism for the category of flat tax on income from renting and organizing accommodation for tourists is more complex and includes representative bodies of local self-government, the Government of the Republic of Croatia, the Tax Administration, there is no clear decision yet. However RECOMMEND, which I will personally do, that the installment of the flat-rate income tax due on 31.3. og DO NOT PAY. SUSPENSION OF ENFORCEMENT Author: Nedo Pinezić, / Photo: Pixabay.comlast_img