The “Myth”

first_imgConcentrating on one sport does not guarantee you a scholarship.  In an article of High School Today, they followed athletes in several schools to see if specializing helped.  Statistically, only 4% of young athletes wind up with a scholarship, and then most of them only receive partial help.  Only in basketball and football are you likely to get a 4-year scholarship, and to get a 4-year you need to excel in the classroom as well.  In this survey, the ones who did receive scholarships were multiple-sport athletes!It was also found in this survey that specializing in one sport overworks the same muscles.  The well-rounded athlete has  fewer injuries.  They are also generally more fluid in motion and this is a good attribute to have.  This is all a part of that “risk vs. injury” theory.  How many young athletes today have Tommy John surgery before they leave high school?  In my opinion, this means the muscles in the arm were overworked by just playing baseball.Let your son or daughter be kids and encourage them to experiment!last_img