Hong Feida whether the soft is a weapon of Shanghai Dragon

recently I was doing a weight class Taobao guest website, website a month has published 5 articles, so far still included the home page and the snapshot update is not very timely, but the relevant domain outside the chain or love of Shanghai has over 1000, which is really the soft power.

I do is more intense, in addition to maintaining the sustained growth of the chain, we must also be fixed time every day to update the quantitative relationship, in fact for Shanghai Longfeng my understanding is very superficial, I always believe that high quality is the chain of keywords ranking the most important factor. Don’t know how many webmaster friends and my understanding is consistent.

I’d like to

positioning chain main way station for the soft, so we should pay attention to what the article published? Is the first release of the soft frequency, generally a week I published two articles, and published after the success of the articles published in his blog and other webmaster forum, here I want to tell you organize a forum list including username and password, BBS web site, the weight, what conditions can be signed, so for you after long-term accumulation which is a valuable resource. The chain this week are 2 to 300, the chain every month can be 1000.

in contributions!

from the case analysis so much, fully shows the optimization in Shanghai Longfeng soft Wen is a sharp weapon, hope that the webmaster friends practice. This article by 贵族宝贝jianfei1314.5d6d贵族宝贝

Lose weight class competition Taobao customer

is the best method to enhance the soft weight. Believe that the recent Google PR update webmasters are very happy on your own website PR has improved, long-term soft release due to high quality import links will make your PR improve, then we can improve the Links website correlation, so as to solve the related problems I worry.

here I am referring to the text published in A5 and Chinaz on the Internet and Shanghai Longfeng some of the original article, the main purpose of 3 aspects, the first is to share their experience with everyone, second is to increase its visibility of the site, the third is to increase the chain and net flow station. Some people say that the main way of chain master do write, then I will talk about whether the text is a weapon of Shanghai Dragon:

, the biggest advantage is that the import high quality one-way links, but we do website Taobao customer type correlation is too low or no correlation, this is my biggest worry if I stick to soft strategy while ignoring the correlation between don’t know what the result will be.