Shanghai Dragon Tai Chi road to subvert the traditional and create the future

is the first to talk about Links (outside the chain, how to do within the chain forum a lot). Do not say a Links is not important, the past few years I have been think so, but this evening Chen then let me surprise: Links try to do less, do the best!!! When I heard these words I can be, why is this? Teacher? Since then that must have his reason, listening to the teacher’s analysis of the original is such a thing: the weight of Links is very low, mainly because of the relationship between mutual link, and this link is actually a kind of cheating. The search engine can find out the relationship between the quality of the two sites and their analysis, and once only to link and exchange exchange links, so that these two sites are not to, that is to say, the white, is a waste of time. The recommended way is to buy links, do one-way links on the other side of the page, the other site as long as you love Shanghai, Google included normal, industry related degree can not be considered. It should be through the cattle, the forum case! There are some high quality one-way links: as a template for others to use it, leave your links, by writing high quality articles, add your link in the article to let others reproduced…… It is said that the weight of the 100 single link can fix a PR7 station, ha ha. The purchase of the chain, the most attention to the sale of the chain website home page, the home page chain total number of not more than 30, more than 30 above the website weight transfer effect is poor; buy the chain how to use it properly, pay attention to the following: 1, use your website main keywords as anchor text segmentation index; using your site 2, then do the anchor text; 3, the long tail word do anchor text 4, no word do anchor text index. Note that the purchase of the chain in order to increase the weight of your site, improve your web site keywords ranking. But this is not to say that since you don’t have to do the chain, you are still according to the Shanghai dragon.


tonight is the first listen to Chen’s class, I feel really very shocking! It is a success, his thinking is different from you and me, for me it is overturned. If today to listen to this class of people, so he might not have this feeling, just take it as a lesson in listening, but compared to me, after all, in the Internet for more than 5 years, too many search engines to the ups and downs of experience, I am impressed, Chen Shanghai Longfeng to Tai Chi Tai Chi, pay attention to the nature, and the essence of Shanghai dragon also requires all natural. Shanghai dragon only two things to do: content and hyperlinks; good content need to pay attention to: the difference and the frequency of updates; hyperlink is to do: inside and outside the chain chain. No wonder Mr. Chen said Shanghai dragon really useful words no more than 100 words, I am convinced…… Then you have to believe that this is really the essence of Shanghai, the dragon is so simple! I think studying here is the biggest characteristic: simple, the teacher wrote each article are in straight lines, no nonsense, but also for example, it is very helpful to the new