Love Shanghai SEO the latest two core algorithm

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as everyone knows, Shanghai issued a white paper on the quality of love "in this year, the white paper for Shanghai dragon Er is like a beacon, guide our website optimization direction, 2014 is the love Shanghai algorithm changed most frequently a year, many Shanghai dragon Er feel network station optimization feeling increasingly fierce, actually any the industry will be from germination to development to the peak, Shanghai dragon is no exception, love Shanghai continue to improve its algorithm can only say that the search engine also constantly improve their search algorithms, constantly improve their user experience, as the Shanghai dragon Er we should at present how to effectively optimize the website? Well, let’s talk short continued into the question, and today I do a detailed analysis of the impact of love, Shanghai search engine optimization of the latest two core algorithm.

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first determine the main keywords such as Lantian jade love Shanghai — and then according to the drop-down box and relevant search of user search dominant demand of Lantian jade jade prices for user search Lantian Lantian jade and Lantian jade bracelet price price — according to the Lantian jade price in-depth analysis of the real implicit demand for a type of Lantian jade prices rather than general price. Lantian jade bracelet specific types of price is the real demand of the user search Lantian jade.

first, the website hot content quality. What is the concept of the hot web content quality? Is hot content scarcity, the scarcity of content and users demand more urgent content we put the content available to love Shanghai, love Shanghai to provide these provide the scarcity website weight is higher. Why is the scarcity? As the mature development of the Internet, the content of Internet penetration into all walks of life, "in this world, love Shanghai is not lack of content, is the lack of value. This is why the website hot content quality for the website optimization is the key factor of. How should we find the Guantanamo hot content? Well, still love Shanghai. Where you come from, we will go from there, we optimized is love Shanghai, love Shanghai in turn and we are looking for new ideas is very important way to their website for example, others such as search Lantian jade, that is what the user needs? How should we go to the analysis of specific brand of Lantian jade? Price list. Why is this ah, in search of Lantian jade love Shanghai, love Shanghai drop-down and search there Lantian jade, Lantian jade bracelet price price. The demand for home website has provided the reason why users are still searching? Is the user’s demand is not the price of Lantian jade so vague but concrete of different types of Lantian jade price list. Thus, we dig the user contact search is Lantian, Lantian jade lotus jade price Bracelet price, customers want is specific rather than general, if you only analysis search or love Shanghai drop, the invisible you need is not to see, this is our real needs of users through the surface analysis of the essence of the key.