Huang Jiashun the new promotion website directory submission and the construction of the chain

from the beginning of February 18th to build the first of his independent blog, I was more of a sense of responsibility, that is must treat their own website, from the scientific point of view to optimize their personal blog promotion. So today I will introduce new promotion first step of web directory submission, and the chain construction.

love submit entrance

: Submit search entrance

has submitted entrance: 贵族宝贝tellbot.youdao贵族宝贝/report

submit entrance

YAHOO submitted entrance: 贵族宝贝贵族宝贝/h4_4.html

first before website directory submission, first consideration must be search engine submission. In order to more rapid search engines to their own station, take the initiative to submit a site to the search engine is necessary, below I put some of the more important search engine website login entrance sorted out for your reference.

Sogou Shanghai: 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/search/url_submit.html

submission: 贵族宝贝sogou贵族宝贝/feedback/urlfeedback.php

Dmoz 贵族宝贝 (Dmoz: directory submission entrance directory submission is difficult, audit for a long time, not necessarily through. If can be included, so it is important for Shanghai dragon optimization.

Google: 贵族宝贝 noble baby贵族宝贝/addurl/

entrance )


will be submitted to the entrance of 贵族宝贝cn.bing贵族宝贝/webmaster/SubmitSitePage.aspx

in addition to the above major search engine entrance to submit their own new sites, there are still many high quality website directory can be submitted. Here to tell you that some skills to find the web site directory. We can search for keywords related to the web site directory in the search engine, such as "web site" submit "directory" login "directory" site navigation ", the number of search sites such as the word is very much, we can according to the web site keywords, regional, such as tea, Xiamen Web site navigation so do the subdivision. The information so obtained will be more targeted, to quickly improve website ranking. Because of high quality and targeted directory included after the Shanghai dragon has important significance, it can bring you.