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then the problem, there are many pages of website is more important, but has been unable to show in the search engine, in fact here is: "key pages lack high weight can result in time effective to show", such as some of the highest conversion rate, the profit rate of the high and new key products the number of search, a lot of products, there are some specific festivals or promotional activities for making web pages etc.. So, why these pages can not get high weight because these pages >?


: I think the webmaster should be more clear, the website structure optimization is the foundation of a site is the most fundamental, including the main problem: included, page weight and spider crawling experience etc.. So, if you want to in the later website can thrive, webmaster must structure on the site to do optimization, optimization of course page. However, we are not talking about today talk about page optimization, structure optimization, why? Because A5 marketing found various details about the structure optimization, such as the website to the customer when making a diagnosis: internal links, weight distribution etc.. Then, we mainly discuss the theme of today is the internal links and the distribution of weight.

said this, webmasters may think: "the website structure optimization have what to say, not that a few things?" Hey, you can’t say, now the site if want to analyze it can really do not know many problems of odd shape, webmaster, only to do the diagnosis through the professional website of Shanghai Longfeng personnel in order to find the details of the site. Of course, there are many owners believe that their website is a tree structure, not what big problem of structure optimization, is actually not so perfect to the webmaster. Because each site taken by different technology, to achieve the function of website, target, the key point is to solve the problem of different marketing. So, this will also appear more wonderful problem. You may not have met, but does not mean that other owners have not encountered, in some website A5 marketing diagnosis, most of the time will encounter this problem. Moreover, many website weight does not go on, unable to break through the bottleneck, and these are also have the indirect relationship. So, in order to help more owners to discover and solve problems, this may give the owners may encounter situations and solutions, but not deeply we read.

page, which is one of the most common and the most simple, is the webmaster often encountered. In general, the website home page show the internal and external links is the largest, but also the highest weight page. Usually, home page link to a classification of these pages, a classification page weight after the home page, and most of the sites have multi classification, the weight decreased, the minimum weight is within the page, which is the product page, article pages etc.. In a nutshell: home page weight, the maximum weight of the column after the home page, the inside pages of the minimum weight.

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