Four ways to make new Shanghai sandbox easily out of love

many people spend a lot of energy to complete the construction of a website, and then hopefully your website can in the shortest possible time inside is love Shanghai included, so in the first day of the line on the website put your site submitted to the search engine, but after waiting for several weeks without love in Shanghai included, sometimes several months are not included, in fact this is the love of the Shanghai assessment of our new focus is on! Love Shanghai so why do some sites inside the sandbox, to can be included in a few days? Let’s jump out of love Shanghai sandbox method analysis


we know that the chain must be high quality, diversification, only in this way can make the search engine recognition of your website, so now we must look similar to the link text and the chain page own anchor chain, the anchor text diversity, rather than simply through a web site keywords to do. It is not easy to be a spider identified this is a team operation, or is obtained by way of purchase of


two: give up the chain

forum signature

since the quality of the chain to a site is very large, so if you and some of the rubbish site is the chain of words, so your site will sooner or later be search engine that is the same if you waste site, and the weights of the high site outside the chain, then your website sooner or later would be considered a high weight website, so we have to site foreign chain to check, first look at his website content is legitimate, if not legally terminated immediately and delete, such as >


: to know the cause of the

four: check the legality of the chain website and is K

a lot of people in the construction site before there is a lot of BBS signature, in fact, the chain of this signature to the railway station will have a great impact, we should focus on the major news websites on the blog, most of the sandbox and Forum irrigation, for the chain, BBS signature chain can not be controlled, so love Shanghai and other search engines now also gradually reduce these BBS signature chain, so we want to focus away from BBS signature inside

is actually love Shanghai sandbox equally to new and old station, Shahe railway station, the effect is most common, is the most stringent stage, such as some new sites to obtain a large number of external links in a short time, then search engine may suspect is bulk or link to purchase behavior, you need to put the new method Oh, inside the sandbox monitoring and review! For this reason, we should seriously analyze the classification of their own site outside the chain, the chain to remove some of the rubbish, the chain and the weight is relatively low, then send some soft Wen to A5 weight on the site, and the site of the link must be approximately every day no, can suddenly increase a lot, also can not suddenly reduce a lot of

three: check the anchor text chain

sandbox !