Teach you five steps to overcome the long tail keywords

is more than my long-term website optimization experience summed up the general long tail keywords industry is so overcome, another point to mention is, in the webmaster to create long tail keywords >

Most of the

arrange again analysis of the long tail keywords, then decided by "column page" to do these words, or "pages" to do, it should be noted that the column page weight is relatively high, suitable for long tail keywords do slightly more difficult, and the content page is more suitable to do a small degree of competition and comparison to get the long tail keywords ranking.

site build in stable flow and let Everfount it, in fact, now many webmaster website optimization only target keyword, but the target keywords not only competitive, but also very unstable, so you want to make your site flow stable, have to rely on a lot of long tail keywords to support.

third step: analysis of long tail keywords

refers to the data search keywords by ordinary users to analyze, explore new roots or phrases from, and then from the first step above mining long tail keywords ", so, let the site have more long tail keywords, that will not take long to have a stable and Everfount flow the.

first step: mining the long tail keywords

each industry has a "root", such as increased industry, "increased" the key is the root, the tool can in a short time a large number of mining and "increased" associated phrases by keyword mining, such as "increased method" and "increased recipes" and "high products" such as a large number of long tail keywords and long tail keywords mining tools can extend word search in love in Shanghai.

extension of long tail keywords

The fifth step:

: optimization of long tail keywords

second steps: finishing the long tail keywords

keyword mining tools have "export text" function, the text keywords derived after finishing, some valuable keywords preserved, suggest that owners must make "keyword record", the keyword group management, add anchor text links convenient day after.

to enhance the main factors of keyword ranking is the anchor text link, and the way can make the anchor text links in a chain and the chain, and to use the content page to do the long tail keywords, generally rely on huge internal chain can get good rankings, if it is the long tail keywords do you need the column page through the chain and the chain combination, making a large number of "directional anchor text", the so-called directional anchor text refers to the specified keyword "add anchor text links, and the best can be built 3-5 third party free blog, can long period add links your website recommended here: NetEase blog, love Shanghai Sohu blog, blog, blog.

How will Fourth step The so-called extension