Discussion on CDN content distribution network for the optimization of the site

The development of

but any technical advantage is there must be a deposit. The inevitable CDN technology also exists some optimization problems. In the optimization process we may encounter the following three major problems.

2: there will be many sites use the same IP address;

CDN technology can increase the bandwidth of our website in a correct and reasonable utilization, reduce data redundancy to improve the site loading speed effect. It can not only improve the user friendly experience, a good loading speed for the site’s ranking index also plays a vital role.

: 3 distribution sites around the world may affect the recognition of the specific location of the website search engine (affect local search).

on these issues we see Google search, Google said it will not answer, and to use the CDN technology website "differently", the use of CDN technology website still will be crawling and indexing right Google robot. Another problem is that, if our site using CDN technology to publish the site in different global CDN server, it may be a difficult problem, that is the site will appear a large number of duplicate content, this Google search site to recommend the use of CDN technology to use the rel=canonical page to standard definition the index, to avoid the search engine for duplicate content included. As shown below.

is the explosion of technology innovation, always. With the development of the web server, there are a lot of global scale site gradually began to use the technology content distribution network (hereinafter referred to as CDN), this kind of technology is the biggest characteristic of the site is not like the past, only mounted on a single server. But the site content distribution in the world’s major CDN service provider. This can be very good to improve website loading speed.

1: by using CDN, the site may have more than one IP address;

Then the

for those who rely on the local search site, search engine of the recognition site of the geographic location is the IP address of the server. If we use the CDN technology to build our website, our website will be more likely to face different address location IP address associated. Location so search engine is not accurate in our site, this is a big blow for the local search based on the website. To provide a solution for this problem is that Google, the Google webmaster tools, the site location in the background settings.

of the CDN technology for Shanghai Shanghai dragon what love? Love Shanghai, love Shanghai spiders to crawl the web pages in ways that can be compared to an ordinary visitors, visitors can visit the web page, then the search engine spiders also can make the corresponding page crawl