2013 nternet content is king of the chain return spamming era has come to an end

, the first to talk about the PR value of a commonplace talk of an old scholar

front, here we will suppose a separate page without a chain of PR as a web page of the original PR, the original PR is very small, as is how much I have not tested, interested friends can test. I think the different page is different, after all, and the domain name age, web content also has a great relationship. The Internet is a network that links a page link. There is almost no separate existence ", the chain of every web page are counted as a vote on this page. And each page can transfer the size of the PR and the PR itself, and not simply say so, add, subtract, multiply and divide method, the calculation tool is the so-called transfer of the PR entry is great. When a page has a link to the outside, the several links.

Internet industry in recent years has been that content is king, the chain for the emperor, we all know the chain of keywords can their site rankings are of great help, but a lot of friends, just know that the chain can transfer the weight, attract spider, little Shanghai dragon Er to do more in-depth analysis. So in recent years, whether it is not garbage redundant information, the webmaster just unrestrained hair of the chain, get garbage everywhere, and even many novice webmaster, have forgotten the essence of the chain, or forget the chain for the emperor in front of that sentence: content is king. Here we discuss the novice webmaster with the value of the chain end where is it? And then talk about the chain of the future Shanghai dragon and what significance.


PR and in-depth understanding of value chainMention the concept can be expressed in one sentence of the PR value of the

put aside the site itself does not say, the basic elements of the Internet is the anchor text links, the links and the content is composed of a large number of different web pages. So many web search engines, how to calculate the ranking? This also from the noble baby PR calculation method about, although we now don’t value PR, but this little thing is that part of the problem. To express the PR algorithm with one sentence: a "get an external link is a vote, vote many pages in the same page ranking. Simple is not simple?.

a lot of people understand that the PR algorithm, started doing a lot of external links cheating, PR will have to make the search engine algorithm becomes more complex, even abandoned the PR algorithm, but this algorithm has a search engine is still in use, it is still in the update from the PR value can be seen, it can be seen from the role of the chain of love Shanghai. I do not know the search engine now, so if you want to see the search engine algorithm in this paper, you will be disappointed, I just described under the original PR algorithm. Of course, to constantly adjust the search engine today, the influence of the chain is more and more small, this paper here is just outside the chain algorithm once crazy in memory.