Shanghai dragon ER love the development direction of Shanghai face after 2011

recently made a new site, just completed second days of love Shanghai included the home page, was very excited, think good luck in his head, but after a week of good times don’t last long, the sites are not what happened, I insist every day is the original own site according to reason to love Shanghai should be very love, want to come to find what reason, I’ll get a new domain name to establish the site to test, but also just do immediately included the home page, we can see that on the new site for the first time love Shanghai grab is very love, but after the test of time we don’t know how long the audit period, also can only be honest do stand must not let down.


here everybody should know the "s", was also caused by the Shanghai dragon world no small storm, call a few webmasters came to the edge of despair, no matter what the word is as long as the station group will not leave us interference in love when the sea do not know what the wind pumping no, what are the ability to judge all of this. Insist on is very important for all our webmaster, is the only way to the heart afraid of too many grievances.


calculate do Shanghai Longfeng a year long, do not remember the base station, performance is mediocre, in 2010 through the day, see now feel not achieve their ideal goal expected, idle with stationmaster net friends in Shanghai to talk about the future development of dragon, looking fellow and the people together to achieve the goal. Just talk some views in my heart for the love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, if inappropriate, please excuse me you webmaster friends.

five: Links assessment correlation

More and more CMS

popular now, we do in the new time as much as possible to download the template yourself do, similarity too high, easy to love "

four: new sites should not be too fast increase the chain

railway station, a massive increase in short time the chain engine love Shanghai seriously, a new site will not be excessive attention, so the chain reaction can cause too much, will easily love Shanghai right down.

love Shanghai now focus on the internal structure of RUL station links, within the site chain structure good can enjoy priority very good ranking optimization for internal links, each Shanghai dragon ER have not understand the views with the opinion, I don’t need you here, hope you.

six: mirror sites give drop right

industry and industry links, Shanghai is to give love when a high evaluation, and so we do Friendship Exchange as much as possible to choose their very high correlation with the site to do the exchange Links.

three: internal link optimization

two: the station group is serious drop right

: new sites included fast, long