Analysis of Shanghai artificial intervention is just a lack of love




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Love Shanghai ranking



you look again at the express industry Google ranking by comparison! What is the result, I believe we will be very clear! Remember a few months before the search for "China Merchants Bank credit card" can see some illegal websites do card for promotion in Shanghai love! Finally the title phrase: love manual intervention in Shanghai lack of fairness and justice

has been er for Shanghai Shanghai dragon love the existence of artificial intervention is in doubt, Taizhou Shanghai dragon tell you that any search engines are manual intervention, search engine spiders just written procedures, there must be some loopholes, loopholes and not through the program is perfect to solve, in most cases rely on artificial to solve. Why Shanghai dragon Er will only love Shanghai artificial intervention will have a great reaction? Love Shanghai both in technology and ideas are still need further improvement. The following several cases to let everyone see the love of Shanghai artificial intervention is fair and reasonable

! rankings!

STO and the daily express, the top three ranking promotion: "slimming" PPC advertising, which SEMer will imagine so idiotic pills put "STO" and "Daily Express"? The SEMer is not stupid enough to this program! Look at the natural ranking: love Shanghai open platform products, respectively is on the courier and express Kingdee 100 wo (digression: love Shanghai open platform for many products is the need to pay, or bundled free, the price is not low oh!). Why search "STO" first appeared in the official website of STO search for "why not? The Daily Express" first appeared not daily express website? Then look at the "SF express, Yuantong express, express" love Shanghai