Shanghai dragon from the direction of the frequency of keywords and deployment

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2011 statistical data from the data, Shanghai dragon Moz, the correlation coefficient between the number of keywords and ranking only 0.07; and falling in love with the sea surface according to rough statistics is about 0.2. In general the meaning of these figures is that for the noble baby, the increase of the number of keywords appear although the favorable rankings, but the effect is small enough to be directly ignored; for the love of Shanghai, the number of words appear on the influence of the ranking is very small, no need to deliberate.

months to collect the data of love Shanghai, love Shanghai for keyword analysis of the relationship between the number of rough statistics and rankings. At that time only analyzed the occurrences of the keywords, conclusion, the final summary data generated charts and the top one is very similar.

but the initial contact with the Shanghai dragon, there are some misconceptions about this, now there are still many people have the misconception that Shanghai dragon is the existence of "excessive" — for example, keywords appear more better, as long as you don’t touch the bottom line is that its search engine K. It can be seen from the figure, it is not appropriate to say, even beyond the optimal frequency effect, the effect is gradually decreasing. From the common sense view is easy to explain why the effect is gradually decreasing and not exceeding a certain threshold is empty, because the search engine is not for the purpose of dragon and Shanghai against to provide users with better content but. But it is precisely this sense very easily overlooked in Shanghai Longfeng inside.

if you look at these, want to adjust your keywords on the frequency of words, can say is that this is not necessary in most cases, unless the frequency is too high to reduce.



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so you can see, not a particularly appropriate number of keywords, is the best.

keyword appears on the influence of the ranking of

even under special circumstances, to ensure that a particular keyword ranking of words with a title page, a text, one or more.

can see, as long as there is a certain keyword, appear in a certain range the higher the frequency is, the better the effect. But beyond the scope of the rankings, the effect will be faster down.

shows that the Shanghai dragon Moz keywords on the page appears and its impact on the ranking level. Because the Shanghai dragon in 2011 Moz search engine ranking factors and many other articles, the use of statistical methods to compare scientific Spearman rank correlation coefficient, so it can be speculated that the objective conclusion of this chart is calculated by statistics, has great reference value.