Spy fiction website Shanghai dragon optimization details

fiction website basically is the text, content is also very large, because the novel usually has hundreds of chapters, this calculation You’ll see. how many pages on the site of a novel. The novel website belongs to a large site, with the continuous addition of sections of the novel, in the capacity of the entire site as can be imagined. If the page is more love Shanghai included, this is a big problem. These novel website of Shanghai dragon flow from a lot of long tail keywords, to have a large number of pages of the site, how do we structure, let the spider crawling love Shanghai better? This is the first problem to optimize the


3 months of new sites PR4, BD weight 3, look at the number of sites included: more than 28 thousand, related domain: 3470. See the total number of pages from this novel station, this included the number, obviously is very small. Type of outside chain is relatively simple, basically see all internal links, because the amount collected, so don’t do too much outside the chain, the chain in the station station, do the chain, this principle is true. Let’s analyze the update frequency of such novel site, general enterprise stand as long as we next more >

second: high

is the original web content of the soul, but in the novel type of website is unrealistic, because fiction website content is the same, the same is the novel "Zhu Xian", we can not make false original it, so that most of the small class website content is repeated the author read a few novels, find the page templates are similar, duplicate content plus template is similar, which leads to the high similarity of the page. Two pieces of the same article, which will be included in Shanghai love? I think everyone knows, of course, is the weight of the high site, even if others reproduced the original article, weight high website will soon be included, and sometimes on their web site of the original article but will not be included, this is an unreasonable love Shanghai algorithm.

: first in large capacity

love my spare time to look at the novel some friends who are fond of the novel website, several large customers, such as the starting point Chinese network, in addition there are too many to count small novel website, these novel network mostly belongs to the individual owners, so small said websites should pay attention to what the details of the optimization Shanghai Longfeng optimization? But first analysis of the characteristics of novel website, different types of sites in the optimization process is certainly different, which allow all doubt. The novel website has two main features:

summary of the above two points, we do fiction website optimization, the key is to solve these two problems, namely how to reduce page similarity, how to increase the inside pages included. The following example analysis of a novel website, look at this novel website is had noticed the above two issues, as follows:

page similarityWe all know that the entire station