Analysis of common mistakes in Shanghai Longfeng personnel

is stubborn, inflexible, in fact, never mind and no execution of these two aspects to analysis the Shanghai dragon optimization is very stubborn, do not pay attention to modifications in the website optimization, it is very difficult to meet the natural love Shanghai algorithm innovation. For example, when the love Shanghai algorithm has clearly defined the chain construction site must meet the needs of > correlation

many times web site ranking is still no improvement, and not Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel themselves hard enough, or not enough technical skills, able to understand optimization love Shanghai Optimization Guide to provide, in most cases, website optimization failed and Shanghai dragon optimization work into misconceptions about many researchers in the optimization work, after a period of time, just hope he can be promoted to love the night ranked Shanghai home, began to get on the technology, and even the use of black hat optimization method, with a spirit of the site to optimize the operation of waste brand enterprise website, the last is the pain such as can be imagined. Shanghai Longfeng optimization work personnel are misunderstanding what

, a lot of Shanghai dragon optimization final defeat came in the executive body, although Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel from the start of work to realize the importance of execution, to update the content every day, optimize the site code, to increase the site outside the chain of high quality, positive and other web sites friends of the chain, and constantly open up the web site traffic, but the process is very boring, but the results often need long-term accumulation, but many Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel after a period of time to found no what improvement, will have to consider what effect do not stop for a day, and then receive the impact this thought, gradually become the execution of the final decline, many do not have to do, such as sites of the logo did not make Keywords link oriented website, website H1 tags do not have on the website homepage, optimize website navigation and optimization of key words and so on, these are the lack of executive force.

first analysis of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel will lack, many Shanghai Longfeng optimization officers will often come into contact with the first optimization theory is regarded as a classic, not willing to cross one step, which leads to the important reason why many website ranking has yet to pick up the. For example, some optimization personnel to optimize the site has been a year long, but this site within a year title but never change, that the site title will not be able to modify once confirmed "old". But when this title appears in a fierce competition, and have no way to compete with others when you have entangled in this not modified, it will obviously let yourself deeper. In fact, a lot of time in such a competitive environment, as long as the title of the site was slightly modified, website ranking can often be an anachronism, hidebound by leaps and bounds, thus, no opinion is currently a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel problems.

Finally, ?

Then misunderstanding is the executive power of the