2013 Shanghai dragon prospect user first content inaction

since early 2011, Google began to enable the "Panda", 2012 Google frequently "panda algorithm" is constantly upgrading, continue to strengthen the "farm" (in order to obtain better search engine rankings, a large number of man-made and contain the keywords of the long tail keywords crudely made content page, is the love of Shanghai said "only no significance with keywords") crackdown.



2013, how the development trend of Shanghai dragon


9 at the end of 2012, Google began to domain name matching keywords (EMD) attack, about 6% of the English site affected.

January 2012, according to the website the first screen advertising affects the search user experience, Google officially unveiled the page layout algorithm, Google hope that through this algorithm, against the excessive advertising, so that home users are difficult to find the actual content on the web site, effectively improve the search user experience.

6 months late, love Shanghai in case of a large area without warning K station, Shanghai dragon ER are called "love Shanghai earthquake". Love after Shanghai said: the new algorithm against low quality website love Shanghai has come into force. This is following the Google panda algorithm frequently upgraded, love Shanghai for the first time a large scale of the internal site "content is meaningless with keywords" and "content farms" rampant sword attack.

.10 late last month, Shanghai super love chain cheating algorithm upgrade, mainly to combat the object intention through hyperlink > cheating

ER let the Shanghai dragon haunt love Shanghai earthquake

2012. years in April, Google officially launched penguin, its purpose is to fight outside the chain of all kinds of cheating over Shanghai Longfeng behavior, especially on the website of excessive exchange links, "based on the benefits of links (link) and black chain of traditional techniques for combating Shanghai dragon.


is the first half of 2012 fell in love with the sea is calm. But in May 2nd Shanghai love Webmaster Platform released "Web2.0 anti spam with Raiders", warned Chinese Web2.0 platform operators, "watch their doors, manage their people, show love Shanghai for" SPAM content is meaningless with keywords "(" chain "and advertising AD behavior) zero tolerance, opened a prelude to this year’s love Shanghai against Shanghai Longfeng cheating.

In 2012

to the end of the year, in the upcoming 2013, the development of Shanghai dragon industry will show what the trend? Here we look at the 2012 Google, love Shanghai and other mainstream search engine algorithm changes, hope to be able to find Shanghai dragon industry in the new year a development.