Shanghai Longfeng eroded love Shanghai to seize the application ranking

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first, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love love Shanghai and you see the application:

, "Shanghai dragon" began to love Shanghai, love can also be interpreted as Shanghai has been quietly concerned about the Shanghai dragon in this industry, the home also appear "love Shanghai auction, Shanghai love love Shanghai, love Wikipedia, Shanghai dictionary, love Shanghai news" five love Shanghai products can be seen Shanghai has always been in love with their own practical action to influence the development of Shanghai dragon industry.

is back to the beginning of the article discusses the Shanghai dragon, I carefully search and find love Shanghai application not only began to appear today.

"love Shanghai application is a user oriented application sharing platform, provide the application of resources is mainly composed of third party developers or providers through the application of open platform love Shanghai. As long as the user in Shanghai love search application name and other words, the system can automatically identify, through Box Computing will meet user needs best results to the user, the user in the search results page you can directly play games, watch movies directly show in a new way, interactive operation of various applications."

love the most intuitive Shanghai application user experience, caused by visitors and the impact of the huge impact on Shanghai Longfeng industry is self-evident. I used to write an article in love: "love Shanghai Shanghai browser prototype application store" in the article mentioned recently, "love Shanghai love Shanghai frequent activities in the client area of input method, love Shanghai love Shanghai partners and browse the computer housekeeper, showing great ambitions of love of the kingdom of Shanghai." Or, we can boldly predicted that one day later, replace the browser operating system, search engine called Internet users only entrance.





Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon


this is purely to initiate in the face of increasingly strong love of the kingdom of Shanghai as head of the US should be how to deal with this serious proposition leave you thinking.




today, in Shanghai love to search for "Shanghai dragon", page ranking is already a major change. To tell the truth, the daily search under the word "Shanghai dragon" has a habit of action. The ranking does not change itself, Shanghai Longfeng self-study network ranked seventh, previously on this site do not know much, just with there is a love of Shanghai – love Shanghai application.