Large area site revision should pay attention to what

1, do not change the site

in the revision of a large area of the site, the optimization of our speed must be appropriate, do not increase too fast, for example you will change the title, change a site of URL, and then a keyword, an internal link structure of the website, it is not friendly to Shanghai dragon, we have to go slowly instead, look at the side of the side effect, must not be a great leap forward.

> speed optimization

if we have to change the URL of the website, you must put the old URL page do 301 permanent redirect to the upper URL, so you can play the role of weight transfer, but also in the new URL appeared before the search results, the old URL will maintain a certain period of time, this is a friendly the search engine for users.

revision on the site, we must do the original content, at least in the revision period, must with original content, don’t acquisition, copy like, after the website itself, search engine is more sensitive to your station, if you collect the mass content, it is easy to be judged as spam the site, but also increase the rate of the page should be appropriate, not too fast, should be gradual, for example, if you have 10000 pages to be included, now you one day to add 100 articles, presumably not what problems, if you suddenly put 5000 pieces of content, it is likely to cause suspicion, and search engine discriminate against you.

many friends when doing optimization, after a period of time, did not achieve their desired effect, so that the site may be a big problem, just thinking about the re revision, again, in fact, a large area of the site revision problem, we still have to hold a conservative attitude well, not change cannot but not large area, the best, if business needs, or other reasons must be changed, we should be careful, some of my ideas below I talk about in the website on the issue, we hope to help.

The structure of URL

4, after the revision to the appropriate

we don’t move in the revision, the URL of the website, if you want to add new content, can directly increase the new directory URL can, no need to change the original area of the website page URL, when you change the original URL, the URL page will be search engine as a new page to view, weight before the holdings are likely to accumulate from the new start, it is not worthwhile, and you used to do outside the chain, also not easy to control, the chain is the original page of the URL, when you change, these URL into 404 pages, the chain is not corresponding to the outside of the chain the effect of the.

3, add new web content not too fast, but also to increase the quality of the original content of

2, if you have to change to URL, then it must be 301 permanent redirect