How to optimize the page title several tips

Title keyword frequency

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also has an effect on the position of key words is Shanghai dragon ranking? The answer is yes, it depends on what you want to highlight the theme, for enterprise stand for if you want to make a brand, the company name on the front of this is no ground for blame. If you hit a product, but the company name on the front is a bit off the point. Typically, keyword by the former so search engine weights are given the high, so for a time the Title Combination >

day before the major search engine, the title length is generally about 60 characters, 30 Chinese characters in length. If more than this range, the back of the text will be truncated does not display. And a long title may be targeted is not so strong, we should streamline when writing short defended the title of outstanding key control words.

keywords, and search results page, title and keywords you search the fusion degree. For example, we say in the search engine search "webmaster encyclopedia", so if we just for the title of "webmaster encyclopedia", then we belong to the title is exact, so our title matching degree of 100%. We focus on a theme in writing the title and do, long title will dilute the keyword density.

and not considering the optimization effect, but also to achieve a better user experience effect. If I want to learn the aspects of knowledge, and then to search this word in WIKI, and then into a website found that are common sense of life WIKI. For such unrelated websites is the title of the party, I will not go second times. In order to better conversion rate, we must closely associated with the title of the writing theme of the site.

The length of the title Keywords keyword in the title of the The correlation between

page title is literally at the top to open the browser to see the left position of the content displayed by < Title > tag said on the website the theme and content summary. Webmaster friends all know that the title is the most important internal factors of Shanghai dragon, is the main parameters of the search engine as the subject of the page, a page title is the key point of the success or failure of ranking and marketing, here to share some of the skills of how to write the page title.

titleThe correlation between

on frequency, a lot of people think the number is certainly better, so in the title constantly appear in the word. In fact, I do not know anything that is not the case, we need to control in a degree. Personally think that the number of times 2-3 is better to appear in the title, keyword, keyword appears once a time.

concise titleMainly refers to the degree of is when you are in search of a keyword matching