How do the chain in 2013


1, hidden in the text of the link to the home page, such as "hospital" of the past, almost every article will appear this page links, but now should belong to the category of excessive optimization, because few people will want to click on this link.

In fact, these two kinds of The basic work of

chain in the final analysis is not the user clicks on the demand, it is not necessary to do a chain. Many people say that these two links did not get rid of what to do

we need to repeatedly update in 2012 clearly have the inner chain. Many people think that 2012 punishment is mainly outside the chain of this one, in fact love Shanghai concern as concerned content of the chains in the same station, there has been no guard, because it is part of the contents of the station. For the content of a standard is to judge whether the clean love Shanghai. This clean and not including whether there are independent and unrelated content within the chain.

?In fact,

Shanghai dragon in addition to edit the construction of the chain and the site, there is a more basic work, that is the construction of the chain. The station originally wanted to edit together with the construction of the chain said later that both reflects the function of little overlap. Then, after the 2012 Shanghai times love big update, the chain construction should be how to do

2, the unambiguous column links, is the user read the keyword link, do not need to understand the meaning behind the words, such as "acne" of the word, many people are aware of what is going on, there is no need to point into its deep interpretation.

therefore, station link building is one of the core is the user demand oriented. If a link is not on demand, it will lose the meaning of existence. According to this idea, at least several previous popular within the chain can be removed:

so, how should we build the chain? We need to clear the significance of what is inside chain. Just contact Shanghai Longfeng novice may feel in the construction of the chain is to transfer the weight and guide the spider, but after 2012 updated several times, this idea should not continue to use. This kind of thought in the past medical website is very popular, many websites as long as can do put a link, but recently I observed some medical sites within the chain construction, irrelevant links in the text a lot less obvious. In fact, within the chain with the chain, is essentially a hyperlink, its function is to allow users to click on. To allow users to click on, we must first click on demand.

can do within the chain. A direction in the chain is the long tail word and recommended links to articles. The main function of the chain is to guide users to more widely browse your website, the residence time of users on the site of a long. Therefore, at the end of the progressive or recommendation of a paragraph after the end is particularly important. For example, when users read somewhere to get attractions.