Talk about a few of high quality content and the chain of the matters needing attention

after updating the original content is to set up a high quality of the chain, there is a direct relationship between the friendly degree decreased many times website and the website chain, many websites are soaring or plummeted in the chain caused by the question of search engine, we must learn to face this kind of question to refute by using the action and practical value, this time to establish a high quality of the chain is particularly important, insist on setting up the chain of 10 to 20 or so every day, the chain should be based on stability. In Shanghai, Sina love space blog articles, also can be in A5 or Chinaz for a number of manuscripts, these established by articles in the form of the chain with respect to the forum signature, replies and so on establishment of the quality of the chain is much higher.

first need to pay attention to is the content of the topic is novel, when the site is down the right search engine requires us to grasp the latest information to update the website, which can arouse the attention of search engines.

second is the need to pay attention to the content of the words, the general writing will not be too little, should at least have more than 500 words, many webmaster lazy, write an article on the 200 words, this is not the article called "

site in the search engine to reduce the first correct measures of friendly is immediately updated website related original content, many times the site is down right is because the site does not meet the needs of users of the search engine and content, so the site in the drop right after the first time to update the original, relevant content is worth, value the attention of webmaster, this method should also be long-term persist, but not three days fishing nets two days of drying affect the search engine judge and user experience.

no a webmaster website from the establishment to the climax is Everything is going smoothly. I was no exception, and several sites have included, from the beginning to improve the weight of traffic to attract the last of all take a lot of detours. Every day in the A5 forum to see many webmaster in asking a few questions like: 1. sites these days not included in the 2. sites included reducing the how to do? How to do? 3. site outside the chain to reduce the do? 4. website snapshot not update how to do? How do the site was 5. K and so on, we in fact? These problems can be attributed to the decline in all website search engine friendly degree.

search engine friendly website decreased when the webmaster should give, don’t think of what to do about the question? This time how to do is not enthusiastic webmaster will tell you the solution, so only from their own content and foreign start. In fact, with a website is the best way to reduce the search engine friendly degrees is: to establish a high quality content and high quality of the chain, the author to talk about the danger of website how to establish high quality content and high quality of the chain.

through the two step general introduction believe you all understand the construction content and the high quality of the chain, we’ll look at a few aspects in this process:

The remaining In the face of