How to improve website ranking increase website traffic

website to get good rankings, and are not required to use the chain can (many novice Adsense no chain resources, it also need not worry too much about). The chain is one of the factors accounting for ranking, and without our imagination of so high, the perfect website structure, reasonable layout, high quality articles, to help users solve the website is difficult to solve the problems in other sites, in a word, that is to improve the website user experience.

1, I have a lot to learn

3, page code, title, text writing. The page code is to pay attention to H1 and Strong tag usage; the title of the article in the website promotion in a large proportion, write a good title is to obtain the long tail keywords ranking king, whether the title containing keywords, title is attractive, it is essential; the reasonable layout of the keywords must the word, even the keywords, to adhere to the principle of that text as much as possible but not pretentious words.

I think that no matter new or old station, in order to improve website ranking increase website traffic, which lies in the station optimization, according to the psychological analysis of user traffic data, and continuously improve the layout, improve the user experience is the mainstream of the Shanghai dragon.

2, the choice of keywords and Application about this, there should be two principles, one is the principle of Tian Ji’s horse racing, is a thinking principle, Tian Ji horse is to tell you that you should give up what, for what, if it is new, the competitiveness is relatively large, people don’t care about what words we don’t do, do words alone, other people do not do the word; also empathy is to stand in the user’s point of view, think that the user wants to solve a problem to search what love Shanghai words, that these words is your purpose (network teaching base parts are based on the question title, because many users will use this way to search).

and Shanghai dragon people, the content is king, the chain for the emperor regarded as truth. After a long period of confusion I realized some experience, the chain is only one factor to improve website ranking, the equivalent of the catalyst in chemical reactions, only to accelerate the inevitable result. So the chain for the emperor of the era of the past, but never outdated content is king. Here I talk about some views to improve website ranking increase flow:

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4, want to improve the site traffic, not just on the front page of keywords. Keywords home general competition difficulty is higher, even if the rankings do go up the flow is very limited. The author advocates a massive expansion of long tail keywords, the reasonable allocation in each site in the column, in general the long tail keywords ranking good optimization, the stability is high, if your site has a large number of long tail keywords ranking, the page ranking is not high is difficult to.