See the love Shanghai Webmaster Platform message reminder messages and stationmaster interactive

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is this love Shanghai Webmaster Platform an important function of message alert on the line. Lu Songsong asked why the original call abnormal reminder, now called message alert, replied: abnormal remind is only a part of the message reminder, it is not only a reminder, but also as a feedback channel to the webmaster to convey the contents of the final is to the webmaster and form a good interaction.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform news alert is only a slow response of the service, and only at the technical level for the majority of owners to provide help, solutions are not resolved, the pre prevention in the webmaster, if the site really healthy and sustainable development also need to adhere to their own efforts and the webmaster.

in this example website appeared in love and death Shanghai spiders crawl abnormal reminder, when we see the first line, excited and lost many webmasters are both happy, this is the love of Shanghai is the most direct way of communication website appeared, the lost is that it doesn’t tell me why website K is included, why do so few and so on.

second increased to remind the content of abnormal data, abnormal, abnormal content, super chain website was hacked and other serious effects of abnormal behavior in the site in Shanghai and love, abnormal form of these sites. In fact, these reminders from reflect to some extent the site was K, ranking, poor flow of precursory collapse.


currently has Shanghai love spiders can not visit the site, site by shielding spiders or the emergence of a large number of dead links etc. grasping abnormalities several reminders, mainly by letter, e-mail, mobile phone, QQ is only an auxiliary means to remind, very serious problems appear only in the site as a way to love Shanghai fast contact webmaster. As shown in the letter to remind:


on the other hand in to receive a reminder message, we can see the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform will give some solutions. For example, the large number of links, the platform gives three reasons and solutions.

but the good news is preparation of second on-line content


written in the last:

The first

(Figure two: death remind)

as shown in Figure two, generally in accordance with the above tips and processing, can be resolved quickly. If these are found the problem is not solved by the K site on may.

message to remind the content already on the line:

(Figure 1: message alert list)