Shanghai dragon Er how to make yourself more valuable

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some people say that now do one of the fast Shanghai dragon, just know the optimal knowledge can say they understand the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon. While some companies recruit staff Shanghai dragon human resources who do not understand this, feel the interview through, resulting in Shanghai Longfeng jobs and employees of different levels. For this, I think the Shanghai dragon er who also do not have to worry too much, according to the present situation of the development of Shanghai Longfeng abroad, mostly for the high-end market, so you have to believe that as long as have excellent technology and experience, good jobs are always ready for you.


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reflected a Shanghai dragon Er value standard, such as a web site keywords ranking, website traffic size, profit what these people have to be involved, and some can not see the short-term such as to improve the user experience, site operation effect etc.. Make your value, you must have enough chips to charge with his BOSS, make them believe that you are worth so much money, have the ability to create more value for them. Then, you will get the money you want. A Shanghai dragon Er how to make yourself more valuable? These chips can make you double the value.

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recently read some Shanghai dragon Er reaction Shanghai Longfeng exchange group in Shanghai is now a dragon is not good to do, Shanghai Longfeng work less well, for which there may be some people deep. With the love of Shanghai search engine after adjustment, many people used the Shanghai dragon technique does not work, the effect is not obvious, resulting in performance and effect in the daily work is not so obvious. To solve this problem, I want to talk about the Shanghai dragon Er how to make yourself more valuable.

people have higher pursuit, will develop upward momentum. As the saying goes good headworker rule, people who rule in labor. Shanghai said that dragon is a toil live, we need to increase the added value of their own. By their technical level as management level. Now, some enterprises often need to recruit management personnel, to set up and management team, have certain management ability will make you more color. It is now a need to sell their own marketing and marketing era, and not.

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said the case may be a lot of Shanghai dragon ER in the time of the interview, may be asked to have their case, this seems to be the most directly reflects the things. So, as a Shanghai, employees must have their own case. The case is not required, as long as you can reflect the level of the. Can be used to work the enterprise website, or your own website, blog and other media. This may be the time you will understand some website or blog to highlight the benefits of his name. If you have a sufficiently bright eye case, believe you will get your favor BOSS.