Enhance the analysis of several techniques snapshot update speed love Shanghai new algorithm

first, to timely update every day. If the content of the website has not been updated for quite a long period of time, so for the love of spiders in Shanghai, into your site will not record the related new content, then analyzed will not be included in the database, and then, when the search engine database can not show the content, that is may not be the site snapshot update. So in order to improve the website snapshot update speed, we must first day update timely content. And the site also required to be loved in Shanghai included, because there is no collection of content for the promotion of the website snapshot update is meaningless.

usually update time snapshot in the last a week even if it is very good. The snapshot and more high weight and excellent website update speed of only one day apart. Then we improve the website update frequency snapshot love Shanghai, shorten the time of the snapshot, explains the very good optimization of the site. So how to better improve the update speed of the website snapshot of love Shanghai? I think we can from the following several respects.

love with Shanghai increasingly high degree of intelligence, web site optimization want better, many traditional techniques like crazy hair of the chain have been eliminated. In an important reference volume analysis website optimization effect of the update speed of web page is a snapshot, because of the weight of the site snapshot and website closely, if the site weight is high, so after the site was Shanghai, love the spider crawling records, quickly analyze data base compared to very quickly released "so, you can quickly update the snapshot.

this way, not only to update the website content every day, and every day to update the high quality content, because according to a new algorithm for love Shanghai love Shanghai content requirements, only high quality original content will be included, and the weight is high. So the traditional way through the contents of a pile, or unscrupulous way is difficult to reprint content, promote the website snapshot update the love of Shanghai.

second, strengthen the construction of the high quality of the chain. Update the website snapshot must be set up in Shanghai every day to love the spider crawling website and find content and records to the database of search engines. You attract love Shanghai spiders to crawl sites is very important. With the emergence of love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm, due to the love of spiders in Shanghai for the chain requirements have become increasingly high, not only need the correlation of the chain, but also need to weight the quality of the chain, only to meet the need of these two aspects, in order to attract the arrival of the spider. But in order to let Shanghai every day to love the spider, so in the Internet should be outside the chain every day fresh Gao Quanzhong, so it can effectively enhance the number of websites have been recorded and love Shanghai spiders crawl, so as to enhance the updating speed of Shanghai love.

third, pay attention to the stability of the site. This can be regarded as a formlessness of the best note of website optimization. >