From the perspective of analysis to optimize the advantages of HTML5 and the current situation

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in the market, we can see that a lot of famous Internet Co have already started using html5. The Facebook launched the HTML5 iPad application, Zynga launched the online game based on HTML5. At the same time, the content of the HTML5 page to the search engine’s index, the webmaster can do not have to worry about because of the use of multimedia content can not be identified by the search engine.


HTML5 the advantages and the current situation of

we can say that every one of the site’s fate is in the hands of the programmer, because we can make the site in the station to stand head and shoulders above others in the sea to have a space for one person, tags and keywords are in the hands of the initial master programmer. With the continuous development of the Internet, HTML5 entered our perspective. So what aspects of the development of HTML5 in Shanghai Longfeng on? I will hand the potential of HTML5 in the Shanghai dragon and the deficiencies of the current.

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HTML5 is one of the main advantages of multimedia adaptation. This means that we do for our webmaster do not have to worry about our readers can only read some monotonous text content. Now we can be more convenient to share videos and music with them. I think many people have been in contact with the HTML5, the most impressive number of Google a graffiti last year, Google last year to commemorate PAC MAN in the use of the graffiti graffiti HTML5 based, as shown below, the graffiti is not only a picture of it, but one can play the game.

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Invincible Eastern software owners believe that HTML5 is a powerful platform, he can change the user’s web browsing experience, can provide more multimedia information, the search engine can provide an optimal environment index. However, in the era of HTML5 did not really come, it still has a long way to go. In this paper, by QQ news group 贵族宝贝 >

HTML5 provides a number of enhancements label, this label can be some users and search engines can better understand our site content. At the same time also help website developers more simple to use some tags to design the site.


HTML5 has so many advantages, but I do not recommend Adsense easily upgrade to HTML5 site, because it seems that many mainstream browser compatible with HTML5 and not very good. From the main search engine Google’s point of view, HTML5 is not a ranking points for your site. So I do not recommend to Shanghai dragon and easy change the site to HTML5,