Love of Shanghai recently restless


hand is responsible for a return to buy network, check data every day will check the weight by the love of Shanghai. But just two days ago in the webmaster tools to view the station data, the accident to see the station’s weight is 0 love Shanghai.

2. is a snapshot snapshot or stagnant

and the original station is always the next snapshot, but the snapshot was stopped in June 15th for so long, I felt wrong. The group of friends and later through communication and observation station some snapshots that many snapshots are correction or stay in June 15th, including the beautiful said such a large Taobao guest website.

group is very lively, we stand at this time seems to have been affected to love Shanghai. We see this phenomenon after think it is not where you’re wrong, or where do not good, so was the site of love or drop right to punish Shanghai. I recently have paid close attention to this change of love Shanghai, love Shanghai recent changes in the adjustment is what is it?? how to deal with us these Adsense

and the hand of another website love shopping network, updated daily articles were included love Shanghai, but home has been stopped in June 21st snapshot. For this phenomenon the author gives the suggestion is to keep the site updated, we should also pay attention to the quality of website content.


In fact, many

and 3. other phenomena

1. web page is right down




this time is love Shanghai down the right,


was wondering, why is this station love Shanghai weight suddenly becomes 0? Is it the love Shanghai station was punished? The background was originally found in site is down the right love Shanghai. Directly in the search box enter the URL you can see the home address of the index, but when there is no site home page URL index, this is the obvious drop right phenomenon. The reason of right down analysis may be because the contents of the collection with high repetition in content.

like QQ 163, including this station will be right down, so the more sure this one is love in Shanghai to adjust their algorithm, and not an individual phenomenon of improper operation. At this point the author gives the suggestion is to keep the original content website, and pay attention to their website content repetition problem.



I hand a few snapshots are stopped in June 15th,