Analysis of the importance of preferred domain to the weights of the website

will have two kinds of methods mentioned above, then the weight of this web site in the search engine will be One divides into two. In order to make the weight of the website is more centralized, more high the term preferred domain.

domain, we first look at an example:

is in the moment, some very large famous sites are not the preferred domain of this work, such as the Admin5 Adsense nets, Chinaz Adsense nets, sina贵族宝贝.cn etc.. These sites daily flow of people, a very high reputation, and is not the preferred domain I feel the effects on them are not great, but as a small webmaster, this step can not be ignored. Some of the time in front of some competitors is often because of the small details in the search engine ranking above behind the others.

disadvantages: verify the site is difficult, and this is set to the noble baby search engine works, other search engines do not work.

What is the preferred crawling on our websiteWhen The preferred domain

we visit a xxx site will generally have two kinds of methods: visit the domain name: www.xxx贵族宝贝 or visit the domain name: xxx贵族宝贝 can be reached. Since there are two different ways to arrive at the same site, then the search engine in the

advantages: convenience, not related to the code.

The first domain importance

website is not my baby said, even the nobility of the Internet giant is quite agree. Believe that the webmaster will use the web site administration tool in the maintenance of noble baby website, this tool it relates to the first domain, we preferred domain of the site can also come here to set the website.

httpd.ini?.htacess and httpd.ini have what distinction basically,.Htacess plays a role in the liunx and Apache server, and httpd.ini play a role in the windows environment, their writing and on the website the role is the same.

What is the difference between.Htacess and

is the preferred domain of the weight of the website from the WWW domain name and domain name with WWW concentration in a top one, and this one is the preferred site domain.


1: noble baby website management tool


login nobility baby site management tools, in the background of the following web site configuration settings can be set up, but to set up, need to verify the WWW domain name and domain name with WWW, this is difficult for beginners. (do not understand can contact QQ1587671090

through.Htacess or httpd.ini settings

so set up a website with what method? I summed up two points: