Shanghai Longfeng not too deep what technical content

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first and perhaps the most important is the experience, why? In fact do sometimes is Shanghai dragon do is experience and details of the same station to different people do Shanghai dragon made out of the effect is not the same, why? In fact are the same, but the results are not the same. This is the details of the problem, whether you are TITILE or META, there are some skills, if you don’t like it, then the result is certainly not the same.

later is your late work, Shanghai Dragon technology is very simple, perhaps even more important is the construction of your Links, this can be said is not technology, but a kind of your social performance, but also depends on your level of diligence, increase the links depends on your hard work, if enough of your heart, enough diligence, believe that the construction of the chain you can in a very short period of time to achieve very good results.

remember when just contact Shanghai dragon always feel this is a very mysterious, very profound knowledge, always feel what others so much, it is a when you are too profound to be understood, came after the discovery, really not what, not what the technical content is too deep.

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no matter what you do today only down-to-earth to do will have a better tomorrow, don’t except idle, otherwise it will do a thankless task, Shanghai dragon is the same, if you don’t say which day is K then you’ll be a big loss, so no matter what, steadfast to do, as long as you work hard, good results must belong to you!

followed by your attitude, as long as the heart can be called iron rod into a needle, although we say Shanghai dragon does not have technical content very deep, but when it is going to be very hard, casually is to do good, you have to analyze your station keywords carefully, analyze your competition the opponent, very seriously to plan your website, and then make out a feasible optimization scheme, the only way you can be in an invincible position, and in the process you perform in continuous improvement, so that you can progress very fast.

entry is very simple, you may take a month to be very familiar with the technology, but you really want to do is to take a turn in Shanghai Longfeng time, that is to say the practice is more important than what you do, when the case of the more experience more rich in fact, no matter what you do, not only is not always practical theory. So if you want to become Shanghai dragon master, to practice a lot.