Keywords how to select the high conversion rate and little competition


from the two picture, we can see that the "related articles in wedding photography included the home page and the second, third page number many, almost all is a domain name, then the word is very competitive. You may say that the word search volume big, you are right, the word search volume is very big, but found this kind of word is not necessarily your prospective customers, he may just look at the picture, look at the wedding, perhaps to see others see professionals. So the word is not our goal, 1 reasons, competition is very big, can’t do. 2 reasons, the search volume is large, but the word contains too much, can not determine the precise source.

we do a keyword, the first is that the subject. For example, "wedding" and this is a subject, we first look at the relevant page of the word and index, as shown below:

in the operation of a website, the choice of words is a very important part of the website. Keyword selection is good or bad, directly affect the return station. According to my experience, even if some words do first home page, will not bring much traffic, so what do we do? Of course you fell from where the climb up ah, today I will share some of my experience in the selection of key words, for all the webmaster paizhuan.

I want to ask these two pictures and two pictures on what is the difference? Whether can trigger some thinking? The two picture is the keyword "where Shanghai wedding" when someone found the word access to our website, the purpose is very clear to the wedding, if we work hard to find these words, the words of this kind and reasonable layout to the site inside it. Why like this? Because of the words of "Shanghai where the wedding" the first picture tells us very clearly, in addition to the following promotion is all two level domain name. Our website is a domain name, so our website will be very easy to home. Please remember, the flow is very accurate, and the method to zoom zoom. I believe that before long, your site traffic will be increased, and is very accurate flow of income will be a lot of oh.

let us look at the two pictures below:

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