Love Shanghai is how to judge the decrypt user experience

love Shanghai search "taobao贵族宝贝", whether you can click with "unable to restrain the emotions related to the domain name taobao贵族宝贝" ", and then close the search engine paipaipigu leave to go shopping. Give one more example, search for "sunshine cottage blog", and you know the station name is "guangzzz贵族宝贝", open the first page appear >

unless you use the love of Shanghai statistics, put the love of Shanghai alliance advertising, otherwise there is no way to know the user from the search engine Click to enter your site after all things happen. So say Shanghai is according to the site click rate is not established, the more impossible to know your bounce rate.

"user experience" is the search process in the number of clicks

Shanghai The

love is not possible "

love Shanghai is a website, your website is a website, between the two is an individual. In the search engine’s perspective on the "cross domain", simple to understand is love Shanghai and your website is two different domains, and did not establish any trust mechanism, would not be able to get to the other side of the web user behavior information.


search ranking is about "connotation", do not play the beauty website

user behavior of cross domain access site

, a prophet of judgment (Zheng Zong)

search engine to determine the "user experience" is the most effective for users to your site in the search engine, to reduce the user click on the other sites in the same keyword search page, and click on the number, so you can rely on the former ranking. The best way to your own practice once more clearly what we get from the "user experience" ranking. And I’ll give you two examples, probably will have a deeper understanding, are "the prophet of judgment, comparison".

search engine is how to love Shanghai from what angle to judge a station in the end there is no "user experience" sun Kotaku blog? According to the experience, and through the QQ group, some webmaster related site information to understand, a lot of people say is according to the website within the click rate, bounce rate, page appearance…… So, I believe that many people are likely to have a smattering of knowledge, even others, I don’t know how. I want to try out the first stop today, the courage to break the normal procedure, for everyone to analyze what is going on.

is more Arabian Nights, if the search engine is "looks station", then make a mistake. Many websites is one without any changes in the CMS default template, and too ugly mummies, but it ranked very high. If we say that the page design is also ranked one of the factors, if you are a search engine engineer, will join a boring to the ultimate aesthetic mechanism, to judge whether a site is beautiful, at least I think impossible.