What search change the content change in flow pattern search

[Abstract] what search that with big data technology processing ability is more and more strong, the search and content with the ability to each other to improve the value of the data itself, rather than simply change the content flow.

on mobile search scene building, not only what a try in search. As Ali what search, President Liang Jie is not taboo to talk about love rival Shanghai and Sogou strategy.

group to set up 6 years of business development, search, what hope to change the search page that a link entry form, instead of the user demand was re integration.

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(micro-blog) and Google knowledge map proposed is different, what search, adjusted the algorithm on. The plane is simply just a three-dimensional map. It believes that knowledge is a dynamic, not just a node will change, section >

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Liang Chen reported on October 14th

fell in love with the sea for nearly two years to pay attention to O2O, it is the choice of business model; the importance of WeChat search Sogou content, both of which are new content, but the problem is the product of now can meet the demand? "Liang Jie throws this question.

this change is the establishment of deep learning model. Ceng Honglei said, what search built cluster and data model of their own in the past two years, together with ALI, on the 5 billion samples, 500 thousand characteristic extraction. They take the user clicks as training samples, the final model can better understand the intentions of the user, the user needs polymerization.

Box Computing" love Shanghai chairman and CEO Robin Li in the 2009 love Shanghai Technology Innovation Conference on carry out technology. He found the user input service demand in the box, the system can clearly recognize, and the needs to the optimal allocation of the content or application provider, and finally returned to the user.

what search product general manager Ceng Honglei told the Tencent of science and technology, they found in a small scale test, "blue", broadcast video search volume growth of 30%, tourism information search traffic growth of 60%. In his opinion, this is the "Box Computing" search mode upgrade.

Box Computing logic is very simple, is to search as the entrance to guide traffic, the traffic can be distributed to the content, and profit from. But what search is that, with big data processing ability is more and more strong, search and content with the ability to each other to improve the value of the data itself, rather than simply change the content flow.

October 13th, what search released its mobile search product form second – blue pattern. The concept of the "blue" HD visual experience. Specifically, a series of operating experience with HTML5 native application page, to re organize the users to search the contents of the scene, mobility and combination.