Be the webmaster of the first video don’t cheatshlf1314 Adsense low price reason site positioning


of course, the first video to master a few essentials: 1, do not cheat, but certainly can not be settled cheating,

carefully consider this issue.

The value of


for everyone’s way of thinking on duty, may do union station is rarely considered the problem of value. All 10 thousand people think IP can do so much, I will be so much.

What is more precious to

100000 than the things 100 people own?

advertising too. Click on the ads to do garbage flows is not really a wise choice.

the heart with a professional, professional thing to do!

See shlf1314 Adsense

surf the Internet advertising points. Because you are a webmaster. Remember…..

first video management, strict, demanding, but in this alliance can still make money, and they are week pay, customer service is also good,


3, every day they login platform, because some punishment they will first send to you, as long as you change within a specified date, must be fine, super sure to buckle all the money in a week, even if nothing! As traders, has sent more than 2 yuan more small



2, they are by IP and PV integrated billing, and advertising after playing the billing, so IP or PV alone can not, we should understand specific,


in the first video to the attention of the webmaster! Recently, the first video check cheating is very strict, we should pay attention to!

! !

5, pull a downline, you can have 6 months Commission of 5%

as a whole, the first video is not bad. It’s the most profitable one in our country. It is said that the highest one month can get 60 thousand of them,

4, the League of the general Thursday can go to the account!