Rise and fall of 2 old station from high weight to right down

maybe someone will ask me, what is the Chinese decided to make quotations, a 2 year old station from prosperity to decline from the high weight is down right? Here I’ll carefully to, what are my choices?

the quotation was originally just a new station, not what weight, not to mention the site traffic, almost zero. But after three months of optimization, the site began to improve slowly, with the flow, this is mainly to do Links exchange chain, and some high weight website, to believe that "the world is big, Nothing is too strange." this sentence, even if your PR is 0 or you can switch to PR3 chain the key is to find methods and application skills. So, not that I did about 30 pr2-3 a week a chain, the website ranking really improved, a month after the nobility baby update PR, PR of the quotations rose from 0 to 3, the weight is not to worry about traffic. So I spent half the time, the website weight rose to 3, the flow of IP reached 5000, at this time the mood is really make people happy and worry ah. Let me feel the joy of the flow is a significant breakthrough, which made me feel sad is whether flow is stable and rising. In the constant thought, I finally made a significant decision in a unique history, resulting in 2 old station from high weight be right down, to the rise and fall of death from prosperity. Sad, angry.

Hello, remember me, I am Chinese sayings (www.yiyyy贵族宝贝), 2 years ago in the A5 on the first episode of an article named "a novice webmaster anguish and share the experience of" article, 2 years later, I was back, hard journey again to share with you some Adsense site experience and website operation, today to talk about the theme of "rise and fall" 2 year old station from high weight to right down to hope a lot of advice, what good idear please enjoy expressing wishes with us.

in the quotation flow breakthrough 5000ip, even during the holidays when there may be tens of thousands of traffic, I in order to enhance the user experience, to provide better service for the user, I decided: is this fatal revision revision! Ah, let me fall into the trap of death of quotations, from no love in the light of day. Shanghai the right to drop my website, 2 year old station so finished, whether you send the chain or write original, the weight has not improved, and set the chain continued to decline, a decrease in the flow of every day, only fast >

remember past site history, from 2010 to 2012, the network has set up 2nd Anniversary quotations, in the long years, Chinese sayings imperceptibly spent a few years, experienced a groundless talk, road bumps, stumbling, can the end result is a sad ah! Here is the website and decline of everyone announced 2 old station from high weight to drop right from the flow over a million drop to flow left, how exactly, what during what happened? Let us wait and see.