How to analyze a website from the perspective of Shanghai Dragon 2

as long as you learned this through the global analysis of the website so you can make a step, have a good website.

optimization page code, the answer is very simple, is divided into two aspects:

look at the site of logo is on site links, this is a very primary problem, but also the weight of concentrated, vision concentrated, nature is very important.

H series is H1, H2, tag; H3, H4, H5, h6

here to note is a series of H tags cannot skip, which is H1 tags, then arguably is H2, and there is no H2 tag, H3 tag appears directly, this is a cheating, remember.

1, logo link


For example code optimization

five, web page layout diagnosis

page to JS code into the JS file to the external CSS code, also try to return to the CSS in the external file, between the code and the code and set not too much, if too much, increase the degree of the invisible code bloated.

code optimization it referred to the nature is HTML optimization and optimization of CSS code.

As for why the navigation is reasonable

website we need to focus on the direction of

is the page of each picture is to add ALT tag, ALT tag is that this picture, spider crawling easy to understand, love Shanghai pictures of spiders, later can bring a lot of traffic.

check whether a site navigation is not important columns, site navigation is an important diversion entrance website, must take the entrance into the final column here. At the same time the most important section of the more to the left.

do not.

the size of the picture is also one of the optimization direction, the smaller the number of KB better, try to make it simple, fast user access, spiders access naturally very quickly, then visit experience better.



its distribution principle is that a page is only a H1 tag, otherwise it will not be repeated, to do is cheat. The H2 tag in a page can appear repeatedly, and so it is with other h tags.

in the HTML code is the key to the optimization of the picture alt attribute, H series label, nofollow label.

1, speed up page loading

today then yesterday’s unfinished Shanghai Longfeng analysis method, if you have not read the first article you can click on "how to analyze a website from the perspective of Shanghai Dragon (1)" to see.

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