Keywords network marketing optimization long tail tail law law

small website in addition to some market can be considered the most basic, but also in writing to the correct awareness of the long tail effect, and very clear like the long tail word.

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well, on the content of tail law today I Wuhan Shanghai Dragon said so much, the specific number of love in the early Shanghai word blog has written, there is no thanks, if you love the look, can go to the local search to search, it’s easy to find.

is some long tail keywords like this is no way to make a statistical study or, long tail keywords writing staff can only see their own consciousness and search habits, and then writing outright fusion in, this is the most direct method.

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we have to contact the first two pieces of content, we see two days ago to write a coherent day I wrote: to expand on the marketing of the long tail: "specific reference to the network marketing of the long tail keywords optimization law [long tail market marketing development]" on how to use the long tail of network marketing, in yesterday’s law we also mentioned another point, is the long tail keywords on network marketing reasoning and selection, specific can refer to: "after the development and selection of network marketing keywords about network marketing optimization [Key words long tail law reasoning and choice]", a little. It is the core content, the content of the long tail. Then, the long tail content mainly applied in those areas? Today I Wuhan Shanghai dragon will come together and share:

of course, in this case the law, long tail content type is not yet so, for example, a long tail, we compare the integration law of common fusion is Shanghai dragon keywords, which makes full use of the keyword segmentation technology and love love Shanghai Shanghai thesaurus, so we can use these technologies to give website keywords integration, the most big saving resources.

station to see, first in the web page number above, we are unlikely to be brought to attract a lot of long tail keywords flow, but we can look at, in the writing process of our own, we should long tail keywords as much as possible, such examples are many places more generally, for example to highlight their Wuhan Shanghai dragon service, a theme page on its website on it in writing we should highlight many problems, not only to highlight the local Wuhan Shanghai dragon, but also highlight the many small nodes, such as the Wuhan business enterprise website optimization, Wuhan Shanghai dragon, Wuhan enterprises extension services, and so on a series of possible fusion words, so it is very likely to be related to search these words or combination type Finally, through the search keywords, these words can be found on the web page.