The theme for the forum to do keyword ranking experience sharing


two, link to do cleverly hidden, to the anchor text to add keywords added to the contents inside, and to form a complete sentence and sentence, such as the words I want to do is the word "corporate film background music," I married posts in 99 is the community development "now the wedding cost is too high, motionless to tens of thousands of tens of thousands, I do not earn thousands of dollars a month corporate video background music! Do a wedding a year income is not enough!", in stationmaster net posts content is: "now earns more and more well done! My corporate videos do background music for more than half a year did not earn a few hundred dollars." in the real estate forum post content is: "now the prices so high, I do business promotional background music for a month Three years to earn money, God knows how long in order to earn enough money to buy a house! ", you see, every few words I have cleverly put keywords nested to sentence to the inside, let people do not think it is in advertising, if you are stiff words easily insert a sentence inside, let people see that advertising is not good at your post, I just strange! Is particularly critical, with good links you shall set the font color font color keyword set and content, and the content of the blend of fonts, see add hyperlink traces. This link is a plus for three or five years will not be a moderator deletes.

, a forum selection carefully, I choose the standard is a forum posting forum every day to more than five hundred posts, posting many spider crawling forum love Shanghai natural ground, high weight, posts have included relatively quickly, the two is to bring keyword anchor text links to posts. Only, can add the keyword anchor text links to posts to do keyword ranking effect. I am from the more than 800 forum thirty carefully selected forums, these forums are some local portal forums or industry forums, each forum posts every day more than five hundred posts, posting some forum every day even more than tens of thousands, is love Shanghai very frequently spider crawling website, the theme post included very fast, weight is also very high, is a feasible method and ideal keyword ranking.

forum is to promote the website promotion methods most webmasters are used in various forums, group top software and tools are not, many webmaster want to take a shortcut, buy a chain of fantasy software group website one month jumped several thousand, I just started when the owners have made this error, often practice a few months after the discovery of this method is less effective, so decidedly The loss outweighs the gain., but was stopped by this method, the manual method forum topic posts after the keywords ranking has done love Shanghai natural ranking first, the weight of the website also increased. How to work manual post? I summarized the following experience:

three, post title and content to the forum content and appropriate to the real estate sector must buy, sell, and price and other issues.