The real challenge of love Shanghai changes to Shanghai dragon er

for a web site, content is the most basic, but also bring value to the user point, and now the Internet information has been filled with a lot of pile up in excess of requirement, no actual value, only to help users solve some questions of the contents of the search engine that is valuable, the implementation of the spark plan is in order to give the original content site better ranking (now the authoritative news source site effect).

The change of

third: graphic label you attention?

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premium content display priority

second: diverse display

The first point:

today limit on the search engine marketing, puts forward some suggestions on the changes brought to Shanghai Dragon:

data submitted by the data structure of tool love Shanghai, can be effective for their content in the search engine to get richer presentation, such as question and answer type content without Click to enter the target site, he activities to solve the problem how to answer questions in class; information of the target site can activity the information release time, the search engine will hope that through the search page to provide more information with high value users want.

actually has a very graphic label most web pages have been obtained, do not know if there is no attention in the same circumstances have stickers and "no stickers to the site to bring traffic accounted for more than" which play? The stickers reveals what signal? The ultimate theplentiful love marketing Shanghai search engine more focus on the content of the text, why is [diversity], is the content of the user, because in a large amount of data under the premise of demand is not the same, only your content more rich can meet the users will be more, now users have been very picky [], so that we focus on the quality of [picture + Video +] in the content construction mode in the process of.

how do you think of the next generation of search engines love Shanghai bring to our Shanghai dragon Er opportunities and challenges, website optimization now is not a simple keyword optimization, he has been transformed into mining user needs and behavior habits, like love Shanghai why the 2013 changes so large, around the core of what? Is the user, he should do is to meet the users to search the biggest demand and extension of the expansion of demand.