Taobao Shanghai Longfeng influence merchandise shop search ranking important factors

will be faster under the framework of the goods is set to the recommended window

The seller will be placed in the

as shown in Figure 1, the seller can open " in the center of the seller "and" sell the baby ";" page view window recommended baby shop window recommend products or operation.

window Whether the goods is recommended

window recommended baby


Figure 2

(3) window use tips

commodity search weight factors, in addition to the 5 most basic correlation talked about before, there are many details of the factors, such as whether or not to join the window recommend, whether to participate in the consumer protection, whether to add the Taobao label. Although these factors are complicated, also affect the merchandise shop search ranking important factors.

Figure 1




platform has very strict requirements on the number of the window, not how many sellers want to so much.

window rule

Make full use of the window a number of rulesTaobao The use of

sellers are to know, from the shelf time closer to the commodity ranking can get good rankings. So the seller should seize this special.


(1) to see the store window using

mouse window recommended baby "page" window a number of rules ", the number of the window will pop up stores and provisions. As shown in Figure 2 is a seller shop window, can be seen from the window, and the number of the seller’s credit rating, shop, shop, Xiao Bao long week turnover, gold sellers, illegal deduction of these factors are related, so the seller wants to gain more windows, also need to rely on their own hard work.

recommended window is equivalent to store in a glass window. The number of goods store in a lot, the seller can not make every piece of merchandise are fully displayed in front of consumers, so the entity shop sellers tend to place the most attractive commodity in the transparent glass window, let consumers passing a glance, from and into the store shopping. Taobao’s recommended window can improve the search weight of goods, the goods can use the recommended window shop window than similar products not recommended for better ranking.

in the shop window shop to increase exposure, to get better ranking, can not simply be set to commodity recommended window so simple, but also pay attention to strategy.

There are a lot of

this is a point without explanation 3, its core is not to let the window a bit empty, the window in the commodity to try to have a certain competitiveness and the cost of goods, so as to make the limited window to maximize the value of.