Analysis on how to optimize the single page website


as everyone knows, have a good ranking site, nothing more than the content and the chain, as the saying goes: " the content is king, the chain for the emperor, " this is the search principle unchanged, if a website does not have content update and the chain weight are good, so you want to get a good single page the ranking, in addition to the use of black hat means, I think it should not be an easy thing, unless your domain name is the old domain name, the domain name weight accumulation, but also make your website ranking very good. So for a single page optimization, I summarized the following five aspects, the hope can help to do a single page website friends, we learn from each other, also please pat.

cannot be updated, to push the weight of all external links: Forum, blog, SNS, must take the key words on the trans, control the "anchor text", keep the weight of the normal transmission, weight accumulation.

is a single page, does not update the system, especially when you have a single page ranking, and can not arbitrarily change the path layout and site modification. So how to solve the problem of updating this

is a single page, even included only one page, so Links others may not do to me, because you have no traffic ah, also not included. Then how to solve this problem, don’t be angry, we are in a single page, because not included and update, it can only rely on external links to import weights, we can use a picture, such as "lace news": japan earthquake, Libya hot news or entertainment to military action to do this and then later use "keyword URL jump" to your page, so he accidentally point to other pages, it will point to a single page you want to do, so as to achieve your goal.

four, good interactive

single page scan chain to do, related websites inside pages to a point, this spider will follow to find it, of course the anchor link also if you do a single page of keywords.

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five, the black hat means

The analysis of

three, Links

in the following limited money, you can buy a software, each brush, brush your keywords, one day a keyword in your three thousand, increase the attention of the word search engine. However, don’t point oh, everything has a degree. The grasp of their own.

, a web site:

two, website update:

in the first single page control about keyword density, density value of around 6%, secondly, to control the distribution of keywords, the lower have, highlight the value of keywords, so as to make the page weights consistent, reasonable distribution of key words.

is the five point that, reasonable use to do single page keywords you >.