Analysis the optimization method and the Shanghai dragon to say goodbye

we know, Shanghai Longfeng optimization work is actually a most difficult work, because of this and other a physical method of work is not the same, this is a kind of work and dealing with a search engine, but the search engine algorithm has continued in change, especially in recent years, intelligent technology progress, more and more intelligent search engine level more and more high, so in this context, to enhance Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect, will become very difficult, and many before all sorts of test methods, also with the search engine algorithm progress began to become a stumbling block to Shanghai dragon optimization.

third, keyword stuffing. This is a relatively hot before the optimization measures. Through keyword stuffing can make search engine quickly increase the weight of these words in the relevant content on the page, you can display more frequently. But the keywords way will greatly influence the readability of the content on the site, now the search engine has been able to check through the time of user information, can the quality of the content of the judgment, because if the user in a very short time to read the content, the content of poor quality, nature will not the favour of search engine. So you want to through keywords way to win the Shanghai dragon optimization success is obviously difficult to succeed.

So if the

second, pseudo original. This method is a tool to increase the content of the web site in the past, but also increase the site included the amount of the weapon, many owners at the beginning of the line, began to build a large number of web content, of course, are basically through the acquisition and pseudo original way. But with the love of Shanghai’s original spark program in real-time, web content should not only have a high degree of correlation, but also need to have good readability, and can enhance the residence time of the site. But the pseudo original was not able to reach this point, unless is a higher level of pseudo original, but that some original content is not much difference between. So the pseudo original can be appropriate and they say goodbye.

can not effectively remove the stumbling block, the optimization of website will have a very negative impact. The appropriate for these optimization methods are combing, and hope that the webmaster friends and these methods began to say goodbye.

first, the optimization method of black hat. This method to some extent, it began to enter the elimination period, because the core of the algorithm is to seize the black hat search engine vulnerabilities, and rapidly enhance the site’s ranking. But in the search engine algorithm development today, for ordinary Shanghai Longfeng optimization staff, want to seize this vulnerability is obviously difficult. So those who persist in doing these black hat optimization methods to succeed, then the best way is to choose to give up. Because even if it achieved short-term success, will quickly be found in the search engine, and soon be right down and out.

fourth station group. Once this way is very hot, >