Five reasons of most small and medium sized site development give up halfway

every website comes with a webmaster to expect success. But inevitably, there is a successful website site failed. This website is usually some give up halfway in some small sites. When our site operation failed when we should not give up halfway, sigh, but should not start the construction site of the other think little of. We need to do is to sit down and think about why our site operation will give up halfway. The author is to solve this problem to share their views on five points.


many small and medium-sized site may be due to technical limitations, can only choose some public free template website. Because of the establishment of the threshold is very low, just buy a space and domain name, a template can build a youmoyouyang site. This also led to the free template flooding situation. For example, Lu Songsong announced on the blog template, I casually find to find several similar sites. Many web sites can directly use this template, even without modifying name plate. The monotony of this site is not a unique site in the search engine and the user’s eyes.

three: no character, common

two: the website is not accurate

I met many of the small and medium-sized site owners, and owners of these exchanges in the author often hear such as our site how to how to promote the positioning problem. The author some dumbfounding, these problems are not at this time you should consider, but in the site before there is a night’s idea. It also reflects the widespread problems in many small sites, it is a hot head, see what kind of site will get popular rushed, not on the site or location positioning is not accurate, to the final site operators lost, do not know how to get the next. I could get throught a thing carelessly, give up halfway.

in addition to the external characteristics, many small and medium-sized site.

many small and medium-sized site owners are some non-technical personal webmaster. Of course, to operate a website is not to say that what needs high technology, but if some special technology, will make your operating ease. Individual stationmaster is the most headache problem in terms of content, there are few personal webmaster able to provide original content fresh every day, because of personal webmaster experience is limited, many lazy webmaster is directly collected by way of content updates. A personal webmaster need to face content updates, web art, website optimization and promotion of technical support, and so on, these add up to enough of a webmaster busy scorched by the flames. Besides, as a webmaster can’t just run a site. This many people affected by pressure and energy technology, web site operators often difficult, finally only get throught a thing carelessly shut down the site.

: a limited personal energy and technology